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Major Upgrade to Auto-Invest Bot: Portfolio Set to Begin a New Chapter




Bitget Markets Guide

SINGAPORE, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the Bitget team upgraded the auto-invest bot and introduced a brand new Portfolio mode. Bitget adheres to the principle of “Trade smarter”, aiming to create a more convenient, efficient, and intelligent trading environment for users. Helping users to make smarter and more professional investments or trading decisions, which offers them the potential for greater profit.

1. What is Portfolio?

Portfolios are smart recommendations that can be found in Bitget’s auto-invest bot section. Portfolios are composed of a variety of leading tokens in a particular domain or sector, each with a specified weight. The weight proportion of a token represents its importance within the portfolio or within that particular sector. Projects are generally evaluated and ranked comprehensively on a number of dimensions, including growth prospects, technology, popularity, and innovation. Bitget is committed to recommending the highest-quality investment portfolios to users.

Portfolios combine different assets within a particular domain or sector, and instead of investing in a single coin, users are investing in an entire sector or multiple domains. Portfolios achieve investment diversification while effectively mitigating the risk associated with individual positions, helping users guard against and balance significant market fluctuations. For example, if you want to generate stable high returns in the crypto market, you can buy several different tokens so that you have a diversified portfolio. If some of the tokens experience major fluctuations or other issues, your entire Portfolio will not be greatly affected, as the performance of other tokens will offset your overall losses.

Understanding and using a Portfolio is of utmost importance for the average user who is seeking gains in the ever-changing crypto market. However, with the constant proliferation of various projects, trading has become more challenging, and the complexity of distinguishing between projects has also increased. Only by continuously improving one’s comprehensive capabilities can you select high-quality projects and build top-notch portfolios. Recognizing this market phenomenon, Bitget has launched a user-friendly smart Portfolio mode to help users navigate the crypto market with ease.

2. Characteristics of Bitget Portfolios

  • More Professional: The coins and their weight proportions in the Portfolio are carefully assessed and rigorously selected through a comprehensive evaluation, strict screening, and historical data analysis by Bitget’s team.
  • Simple Settings, Intuitive Activation: Users can select their favorite Portfolio based on returns and the number of users, and by simply filling in the investment amount, they can initiate the auto-invest portfolio with a single click.
  • Diversified Risk Appetites: Users have different risk appetites, and Bitget offers Portfolios with different risk levels to cater to users with different risk profiles. They are categorized into three main types: low risk, medium risk, and high risk, with investment returns ranging from low to high depending on the risk level. Whether you are a conservative user or an aggressive user, you can find the right Portfolio for you.
  • Comprehensiveness and Richness: Portfolio recommendations encompass a collection of assets from a single or multiple domains, providing users with diversified choices. Bitget will continue to introduce more bots in response to market fluctuations.

3. Portfolio Recommendation

The core of a high-quality Portfolio lies in the correlation and risk between each asset within the Portfolio, rather than just a simple combination of different assets.

3.1 Selection of Investment Targets

In the ever-changing crypto market, selecting the right investment targets is not an easy task, but there is a solution to every challenge. Users can perform an initial screening in the following two ways.

  • Relying on market capitalization

The larger the market capitalization, the relatively safer the tokens.

The larger the market capitalization, the better the liquidity.

  • Selecting leading projects within a sector

For average users, it is advisable to refrain from investing in seemingly bullish but unfamiliar projects, since we can not anticipate the hidden factors

behind the sudden surge of the project, which may lead to unnecessary losses. Choosing the leading project within a particular sector is the simplest and safest approach. The coming years will continue to be an era of competition for existing resources, which applies to various sectors, with high-quality resources tending to favor leading projects. Leading projects typically outshine other unknown ones in terms of brand advantage, market channels, cost advantages, R&D capabilities, and talent resources. The strong will continue to grow stronger, while the weak will find it increasingly harder to survive.

3.2 Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is a critical concept in Portfolio theory, referring to how assets are allocated based on their characteristics, such as risk, return, liquidity, and more. The purpose of asset allocation is to achieve investment targets while minimizing risk.

Typically, different types of assets carry varying risks and rewards, so asset allocation requires considering these factors comprehensively to achieve optimal investment returns and risk control.

3.3 Diversified Investment

Diversified investment is a key concept in Portfolio theory, which refers to spreading assets across different tokens or sectors, reducing the investment weight of a single token or sector to mitigate overall risk. This is because a single token or a particular sector is typically influenced by various economic and market factors. If users allocate all their assets to the same token or sector, in the event of a significant impact on that token or sector, their entire investment may incur irreparable losses.

It is important to note that Portfolio theory does not guarantee a return on investment, as markets involve uncertainty and risks. However, through proper asset allocation and Portfolio management, you can enhance risk control and get the best possible return on your investment. At the same time, regularly evaluating and adjusting your Portfolio ensures that your investment strategy is always in line with your investment targets and risk appetite.

4. How to Create a Portfolio strategy?  (Web)

4.1 Log in to your Bitget account. Head to Homepage > Bots, and click on Spot Auto-invest to trade.

4.2 Head to Recommended Portfolio, and select the corresponding recommended card based on the Portfolio profile information and ROI. Click on Select to view the specific cryptocurrency composition and the corresponding weight proportions. (Recommended Portfolio mode is more suitable for novice users)

Friendly reminder:

4.3 If you are an experienced trader, you can use Manual mode to periodically adjust your Portfolio based on market conditions and investment targets. For example, if an asset is performing well, you might consider increasing its weight; if an asset is not performing well, you might consider decreasing its weight or cutting its holdings.

4.4 Select the investment frequency. The investment intervals can be hourly or monthly. The calculation will be based on the local time of your current device. All asset prices will reflect the market price at the time of your selection.

4.5 Enter the amount, which is the total value you want to invest (currently in USDT). Ensure that your spot account has a sufficient balance. Otherwise, the bot may be forced to terminate suddenly. You can still adjust the amount after the bot has been activated.

4.6 Check the box below if you want the bot to be automatically terminated when your spot account balance is insufficient. You can reactivate the bot at any time.

Note: To learn more about the relevant parameters, view Spot auto-invest parameters explained.

4.7 View bot performance

Go to the bottom of the Trading bots page to see your current bots. You can also view the Bot Details or choose Terminate.

5.  Crypto price Today

How can I predict cryptocurrency prices?

What are the top crypto coins right now?

What drives cryptocurrency prices?

How to read cryptocurrency prices?

Come to Bitget Crypto Price, you can see more than 12,000 crypto real-time prices, Watchlist, All crypto
TrendingATH, 52 weeks high and 52 weeks low

6.   Crypto Calculator

Bitget real-time crypto calculator assists you in converting prices online between two currencies. Stay updated on popular cryptocurrency exchange rates like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Dogecoin with the latest conversion rates.

Keep track of the latest news and pricing by signing up with Bitget today. Check out our guides that cover how to convert and buy crypto, including How to buy Bitcoin and How to buy Ethereum.


Portfolio is a trading tool. The abovementioned information should not be regarded as financial or investment advice provided by Bitget. Portfolio returns may be impacted by one-sided market conditions or improper price interval settings. You can adjust your Portfolio strategy according to market conditions. Your use of this tool is subject to your unconditional acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions of Bitget. You should be fully aware of the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments and proceed with caution. You agree that all investments conducted on reflect your genuine investment intent, and you unconditionally accept the potential risks and gains of your investment decisions.

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Blockchain Press Releases

Webb Unveils Tangle Network Testnet, Pioneering the Future of Private, Decentralized Applications



NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Webb announced the launch of its much-anticipated Tangle Network Testnet, setting the stage for a new era of private and decentralized applications.

About Webb

Led by founder Drew Stone, Webb is the premier cross-chain zero-knowledge messaging layer, committed to revolutionizing blockchain privacy. Backed by industry giants like Polychain, Lemniscap, and Commonwealth Labs, Webb introduces a suite of tools aimed at advancing zero-knowledge (ZK) and multi-party computation (MPC) applications across multiple blockchains.

The Challenge and Our Solution

Blockchain networks today face significant hurdles: limited interoperability, scaling difficulties, centralized control, and privacy concerns. Webb’s Tangle Network, built on the powerful Substrate framework, is designed to tackle these challenges by offering a next-generation blockchain platform.

Why Tangle Network?

Our vision is to make it easier for developers to create secure, private zero-knowledge (ZK) and multi-party computation (MPC)-based decentralized applications. Tangle Network simplifies:

  • Proof Generation: Delegate computational tasks to our validators.
  • Trusted Setups: Tangle Network manages complex ceremonies for you.
  • Secure Signing: Utilize our threshold signing for cross-chain operations.

By removing these barriers, we massively improve the time to launch for ZK and MPC-based decentralized applications.

Noteworthy Features

  • Unparalleled speed, security, and scalability via Substrate.
  • Decentralized control through Distributed Key Generation (DKG).
  • Advanced protocols for zero-knowledge applications.
  • Cross-chain compatibility with IBC and XCM.
  • Easy migration of existing apps through Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support.
  • Smooth, forkless upgrades.

What’s Next?

The Testnet launch kicks off with an in-depth whitepaper, followed by a series of engagement events during the testnet phase. Our mainnet is scheduled for a Q1/Q2 2024 launch, featuring hackathons, workshops, and a targeted grant program to accelerate the adoption of privacy-focused applications.

Testnet Quick Links

Get Involved

  • Developers: Start building on Tangle today. Learn More
  • Validators and Relayers: Help secure and maintain the network. Learn More
  • Join the Community: Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord.

Contact Us
For media inquiries, partnerships, or more information, email us at [email protected] 

Visit our website

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Blockchain Press Releases

ChainUp Celebrates 6th Anniversary, Charting Blockchain Innovations beyond Digital Assets



SINGAPORE, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ChainUp, a Singapore-based trailblazer and global leader in the blockchain industry, marked its sixth anniversary celebration with more than 500 business partners at Ce La Vi Singapore. During the celebration, ChainUp Founder and CEO, Sailor Zhong reflected on the journey, “Six years in the blockchain industry showcases our resilience, innovation, and forward-looking approach. As we look to the future, we are committed to shaping a digital asset environment that is reliable, transparent, and unparalleled. ChainUp aims to champion blockchain solutions beyond the applications of digital assets and bridge the gap between digital asset markets and traditional finance (TradFi) to increase effectiveness and market efficiency.”

The DEX Renaissance
As decentralized finance (DeFi) comes into prominence and focused on returning control to users, one of the sectors impacted by DeFi are the exchanges where cryptocurrencies are traded. Data from CoinMarketCap reveals that trading volumes on Decentralized exchanges (DEX) reached $1.2 trillion in 2022, indicating a 340% YoY growth. However, factors such as poor user experience impeded the rate of adoption of DEX. Recognizing this trend, ChainUp has updated its white-labeled DEX solution, incorporating advanced features, strengthening its security, improving its liquidity and aims to provide a decentralized trading experience that is on par with commonly-used centralized exchanges (CEX).

Bridging TradFi and Digital Assets Market
The traditional financial sector has been progressing very cautiously on digital assets. As more institutions lean into RWA tokenization, they unlock unparalleled liquidity in a borderless trading environment. Amidst this evolution, ChainUp’s RWA solutions emerge as an industry pioneer, offering robust tokenization protocols, seamless integration, and enhanced security, bridging the gap between TradFi and the digital future with unmatched finesse.

Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Security
ChainUp’s MPC Wallet revolutionizes crypto security by integrating MPC technology with advanced hardware isolation, ensuring utmost safety and encryption on data. The wallet offers dynamic key-refreshing mechanisms, chain-agnostic compatibility, and eliminates single-point vulnerabilities. With efficient multi-address management and 24/7 expert support, users enjoy full asset control, scalability, and cost-efficiency, all under one roof.

Compliance: The Guiding Principle
Navigating global regulations in the blockchain sector can be complex. ChainUp’s KYT subsidiary, Trustformer, offers peace of mind for enterprises tackling compliance-related challenges.  ChainUp’s advanced solutions in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CFT) show their commitment to a more secure blockchain environment.

For detailed insights into ChainUp’s innovative solutions, please visit:

About ChainUp
Headquartered in Singapore, ChainUp is a global leading end-to-end blockchain technology solutions provider covering infrastructure development and ecosystem support. Built on the mission to empower businesses through blockchain technology, ChainUp’s innovative and all-around compliant solutions include digital asset exchange, KYT, NFT trading, wallet, liquidity, Web3.0 infrastructure, digital asset custody, security token offerings and more. Established in 2017, ChainUp has offices around the world, serving more than 1,000 clients in 30 countries, reaching over 60 million end-users.

CONTACT: Jacelynn Pang, [email protected] 

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Blockchain Press Releases

BingX Collaborates with WunderTrading to Elevate Crypto Automated Trading



SINGAPORE, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BingX, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, is thrilled to announce its integration with WunderTrading, a cutting-edge platform that allows users to trade and invest crypto seamlessly using automated trading bots. This strategic partnership is aimed at enhancing the automated trading experience for BingX users and introducing a new level of convenience and innovation.

WunderTrading is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform that simplifies cryptocurrency trading experience for beginners. Users can easily copy strategies of renowned traders or create their own. The platform offers an advanced trading terminal and automated bots integrated with TradingView, allowing users to manage portfolios efficiently within a single app. WunderTrading stands out by consolidating trading tools, enhancing user experience, and introducing unique features like the Spread-trading Terminal.

The integration of BingX and WunderTrading offers BingX users a significant advantage. With access to TradingView integration and the innovative Spread-trading Terminal, users can automate their trading strategies and diversify their portfolios with minimal risk. The Spread-trading terminal enables BingX users to choose assets for constructing a spread and will execute buy and sell orders simultaneously for the selected pairs. This integration empowers BingX users to create and fine-tune crypto trading bots swiftly, providing a unique opportunity to optimize their trading while minimizing market volatility risks.

Megan Nyvold, Head of Branding at BingX, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, saying, “BingX is always striving to offer our users the most innovative and user-friendly tools to navigate the crypto market with efficiency and greater ease. Our partnership with WunderTrading is a significant step forward. With this integration, we empower our users to trade smarter, diversify their portfolios, and navigate the crypto market with newfound confidence. We’re excited to see our users leverage the power of automated trading through WunderTrading and make the most of this enhanced trading experience.”

As BingX and WunderTrading join forces, users can look forward to an enhanced trading journey filled with innovative tools and features designed to optimize their trading strategies.

About BingX

BingX is a leading crypto exchange that offers spot, derivatives, copy, and grid trading services to over 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 5 million users. BingX continues to connect users with expert traders and the platform in a safe and innovative way. Please visit to learn about BingX.

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