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Signed Sports Memorabilia Market – A 2023 Gamechanger in a $38 Billion Industry, Autographed Memo. to Penetrate 80% of Primary Market by 2033: Market Decipher




PUNE, India, Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sports Memorabilia Market and Signed Memorabilia Market – 2 New Research Reports by Market Decipher reveals revolution in the collectibles industry. Sports Memorabilia Market is no more as before. In 2023, a huge boom has been witnessed in authentication of memorabilia in sports collectibles industry.

“Sports memorabilia industry along with trading cards is expected to reach $227.2 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 21.8 during the forecast period of 2022-2032.”

80% of Signed Memorabilia will be Authenticated by 2033 in the primary market. Getting into this is a must for forward looking collectible companies.”

“Top Leading companies hugely focussing on authentication and grading of memorabilia. Companies such as eBay, Fanatics, and many more are launching authentication services or partnering with grading companies along with launch of dedicated web portals for signed memorabilia. By 2028, 80% of the primary market will go authenticated by one or the other method. Companies and sellers lacking grading methods or similar associations will be hugely impacted. Third party ecommerce portals may suffer loss due to lack of memorabilia focussed business which limits it to peer to peer non authenticated re-sale which shall decline with time and shift to specialized collectibles market portals.

Chandradeep Singh (Lead Analyst)


Signed Collectibles Market:

Collectibles Authentication Service Market:

Sports Memorabilia Market

Prices for sports memorabilia have risen dramatically in recent years as a result of a variety of factors, including the growing affluence of baby boomers and the importance of millennials in the market. Massive markets for sports trading cards are emerging in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East as a result of increasing urbanization and growth in developing countries.

“The report includes data and insights on sports memorabilia, trading cards, university memorabilia, and signed memorabilia.”


Get research insights in detail:

Signed Collectibles Market

Autograph collectibles market is defined as all collectibles that are signed and necessarily does not only mean autographs. It can be any physical item that has been signed by a renowned personality related to that item – sports person, political personality, media celebrity, etc.

“eBay has a huge customer and reseller base for autographed collectibles who are involved in peer-to-peer trading.”

Currently, most of such transactions are unauthenticated. However, understanding the growing demand for authentication and grading the company is involving in authentication. Gradually, the secondary collectibles market will be hugely authenticated and the industry will have a completely new face within next 5 years.


Signed Collectibles Research:

Authenticated Sports Trading Cards Market

Trading Cards Market has completely changed with emergence and awareness regarding authentication of cars. Recent Happenings below suggest a much more impactful response in the domain.

  • Sports Authenticator (PSA) announces collectors who buy trading cards on Whatnot can now have their items authenticated and graded by PSA with just a few taps.
  • eBay has unveiled the extension of its Authenticity Guarantee service for trading cards in Canada. This includes authentication for collectible card games, sports, and non-sports cards priced at $250+ in Canada.
  • With this enhancement, eBay’s Canadian Authenticity Guarantee service now caters to both sneaker and trading card enthusiasts.
  • In July, CCG will combine CGC Trading Cards® and Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG®) into CGC Cards™, solidifying its position as one of the world’s largest and most prominent card grading services.

“The Report includes authenticated cards market data and forecast as 2023 addition.”

Collectibles Authentication and Grading Services Market

The authentication procedure validates the authenticity of a specific card. The grading process encompasses a comprehensive examination of a collectible card to identify any flaws such as staining or damage. Additionally, it involves verifying the manufacturer’s distinct markings to establish the card’s legitimacy rather than a replica.

  • Rewind Grading Company, the California-based leader in collectible media grading and authentication announced today the debut of graded music.
  • Steve Aoki Partners With Collector Archive Services (CAS) To Launch Audio Media Grading
  • Steve Aoki Partners With Collector Archive Services (CAS) To Launch Audio Media Grading
  • In July, CCG will combine CGC Trading Cards® and Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG®) into CGC Cards™, solidifying its position as one of the world’s largest and most prominent card grading services.
  • Algrthm Venture Studio announced the availability of Real Goods ( the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) powered authentication and grading application for cell phones that certifies the authenticity and condition of luxury goods and collectibles without any human inspection.
  • Goldin Launches Industry’s Only One-Stop-Shop Marketplace for Cards & Collectibles With PSA.

Collectibles Authentication Market:

Parallelly Growing Market:

Stuffed and Plush Toys Market

K Pop Memorabilia Market

Doll Collectibles Market

Designer Toys Market


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About Market Decipher

Market Decipher is a market research and consultancy wing of Decipher Market Insights, involved in provision of market reports to organisations of varied sizes; small, large and medium. At Market Decipher, we concentrate on articulating relevant business policies conditional to the specific market domain for a sustainable growth. The services provided by us include syndicated research and custom research.

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Brazil to Tighten Regulation on Foreign Crypto Exchanges




Brazil’s Receita Federal Increases Scrutiny on Foreign Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Brazil’s tax authority, Receita Federal, plans to intensify its oversight of foreign cryptocurrency exchanges operating within the country. This move aims to enhance regulation and transparency amid the rising use of digital assets in Latin America’s largest economy.

New Reporting Requirements for International Platforms
Recent reports indicate that Receita Federal will soon issue an order requiring international cryptocurrency platforms, including Binance and Coinbase, to provide detailed operational data and information on their partnerships with local service providers.

Government’s Regulatory Focus
Andrea Chaves, Deputy Secretary of Inspection at the Federal Revenue Service, emphasized the importance of this measure. “It’s crucial for us to understand how they operate here and ensure there’s no illegality,” she stated. The government aims to ensure compliance with tax laws and confirm that services provided to Brazilian customers are fully legal.


Wagner Lima, a risk management coordinator at Receita Federal, underscored the need to review collaborations between foreign exchanges and local service providers. This review ensures compliance with a 2019 regulation that mandates information sharing.

Rise in Crypto Asset Declarations
This decision comes in response to a significant increase in crypto asset declarations by Brazilians. From January to July 2023, Brazilians declared 133.6 billion reais ($24.6 billion) in crypto assets, marking a 36.6% increase from the previous year. Notably, 14.5 billion reais were declared through foreign exchanges, representing a 51.2% growth.

Upcoming Order Details
The forthcoming order will require exchanges to disclose their operational methods and customer service practices in Brazil. However, it will exclude customer-specific data and transactional information to comply with current Brazilian laws.

Future Regulatory Framework
Brazilian authorities are also working on developing a clear framework for digital currencies and their legal status, expected to be introduced by mid-2024. This framework aims to organize both local and foreign exchanges operating within Brazil, ensuring their compliance with local laws and regulatory requirements.



The post Brazil to Tighten Regulation on Foreign Crypto Exchanges appeared first on HIPTHER Alerts.

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Financial Institution NAB Embraces Crypto Custody Solution




National Australia Bank Invests in Crypto Custody Firm Zodia Custody

National Australia Bank (NAB), a prominent financial institution, has taken a significant step into the cryptocurrency custody arena. Instead of creating its own digital currency, NAB Ventures has opted to invest in Zodia Custody, a London-based firm specializing in the secure storage of digital assets for institutional clients.

Strategic Shift and Industry Alignment
This investment marks a strategic shift for NAB, aligning itself with global financial leaders like Standard Chartered, Northern Trust, and SBI Holdings, who have already acknowledged the importance of safeguarding digital assets for investors. By partnering with Zodia Custody, NAB showcases a forward-thinking approach, choosing collaboration over direct competition with established players like Coinbase.

Commitment to Innovation
The decision to invest in Zodia Custody reflects NAB’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to its institutional clients while leveraging the potential of the crypto market. This move positions NAB as a key ally for institutional investors seeking secure and regulated infrastructure to navigate the complexities of digital asset storage and management.


Additional Insights
One significant aspect not highlighted in the initial report is that NAB’s engagement with a crypto custody solution underscores the growing demand from institutional investors for secure and regulated infrastructure to enter the crypto space.

Key Questions
1. How will NAB’s partnership with Zodia Custody impact its overall financial services and competitive position in the market?
2. What regulatory challenges and compliance requirements does NAB face by entering the crypto custody space?
3. How does NAB plan to address security concerns related to the storage of digital assets for its institutional clients?
4. What are the potential risks and rewards for NAB as it ventures into the crypto custody sector?

Key Challenges
NAB may encounter several challenges, including regulatory compliance issues, cybersecurity risks, market volatility of crypto assets, competition from existing players in the space, and the need to build trust among institutional clients for their crypto custody services.

1. Access to a Growing Market: Entry into the rapidly expanding crypto market and potential new revenue streams.
2. Strengthened Partnerships: Enhanced relationships with global leaders in the crypto custody sector.
3. Diversification: Broadening service offerings to meet the evolving needs of institutional clients.

1. Regulatory Scrutiny: Increased regulatory oversight and compliance costs.
2. Market Volatility: Exposure to the highly volatile nature of crypto assets.
3. Reputation Risk: Potential damage to reputation if security breaches or operational issues occur in the custody of digital assets.



The post Financial Institution NAB Embraces Crypto Custody Solution appeared first on HIPTHER Alerts.

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Brazil Tax Department to Scrutinize Foreign Crypto Exchange Operations




Brazil to Enhance Scrutiny on Foreign Crypto Exchanges

Brazil’s Receita Federal is set to intensify oversight of foreign digital asset exchanges operating within the country, aiming to strengthen regulation and transparency in this rapidly growing sector. The national tax authority plans to collect operational data from platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken, despite the absence of a comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in Brazil.

Tightened Oversight on Foreign Crypto Exchanges
As digital asset popularity surges in Brazil, the government is taking steps to understand and regulate the activities of international cryptocurrency exchanges. A mandate, expected to be issued this week, will require these platforms to disclose their operational methodologies and customer service practices within the region. The focus of Brazilian tax authorities is to ensure compliance with local tax laws and anti-money laundering regulations.

Surge in Digital Asset Usage
The decision comes amidst a significant increase in digital asset usage in Brazil, with reported crypto holdings by Brazilians reaching 133.6 billion reais ($24.6 billion) from January to July 2023—a 36.6% increase from the previous year. This heightened scrutiny is vital as the government pushes for greater transparency while still developing a concrete regulatory framework, expected to be proposed by the end of 2024.


Receita Federal to Audit International Crypto Platforms
Andrea Chaves, Deputy Secretary of Inspection at the Receita Federal, emphasized the importance of this initiative. The government aims to ensure that these exchanges comply with tax obligations and do not engage in illegal activities. Additionally, they seek to confirm that services offered to Brazilian customers are fully legal, addressing concerns that some platforms might bypass local regulations, leading to unreported revenue and facilitating illicit financial flows.

Wagner Lima, a risk management coordinator at the Revenue Service, highlighted the need to examine partnerships between foreign exchanges and local service providers. This scrutiny ensures adherence to a 2019 regulation mandating information sharing, crucial for maintaining the integrity of Brazil’s financial systems.

Upcoming Ordinance Requirements
The forthcoming ordinance will require exchanges to provide detailed information about their operations, excluding customer-specific data and transactional details to comply with current Brazilian laws. The 51.2% increase in declared holdings through foreign exchanges from the previous year underscores the growing importance of these platforms in the local market.


The post Brazil Tax Department to Scrutinize Foreign Crypto Exchange Operations appeared first on HIPTHER Alerts.

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