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Homely Secures Investment from UST to Launch Innovative Homebuyer Platform




LONDON, Aug, 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Homely, the free-to-access digital platform which aims to create a fairer property market for homebuyers and renters, has received its first strategic pre-seed investment, at a valuation in the double-digit millions, from UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company.

Founded in 2021, Homely harnesses technology and partnerships to support people’s homeownership journey by improving their financial position and connecting them to tailored guidance, support, and products.

Homely partners with landlords, renters, and financial institutions to increase transparency and accountability during the rental and buying process, as well as providing incentives and rewards through its brand partners.

The funding will help Homely complete the development of its tech platform and launch its innovative proposition to the market, including activating a number of partnerships with established and trusted brands. This includes the likes of insurance giant Aviva, with both parties currently exploring a partnership.

Homely’s launch proposition includes a new way of buying property that allows immediate access to the housing ladder via Homely Flexible Ownership products which connect prospective homeowners to flexible, institutional, capital.

As a leading global provider of technology and digital transformation services, UST has an established track record of investing in innovative businesses across a broad range of market sectors. UST has helped guide digital transformation journeys for prominent companies including Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients across financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, semiconductor, and technology.

UST will be an integral strategic partner for Homely as the team navigates the UK property market and delivers innovative solutions for renters and homeowners.

Homely benefits from an experienced senior leadership team made up of:

  • Lewis Scott, Founder and CEO – Lewis is also VP & Managing Director of Scott Brothers Group, where he has worked with global technology and lower-to-mid-market growth companies on M&A, capital raising, secondary share sales and corporate development.
  • Steven Ward, Chief investment Officer – Steven was previously the CEO of HSBC Alternative investment Limited.
  • Paul Birkin, Chief Technology Officer – Paul is the former CTO of Global Workplace Solutions at CBRE and former CIO of Experian EMEA.
  • Ellis Scott, Head of Mortgages – Ellis is a qualified mortgage adviser and is also Head Mortgage and Protection Adviser at Scottsdale Lifetime Partners.

As well as the core day-to-day team, Homely also has support from a number of advisors with a wealth of industry and business expertise, putting Homely in a strong position to navigate current market challenges and provide industry leading technology solutions.   

Lewis Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Homely, said, “UST’s renowned presence as leading providers of digital technology and transformation services, and the depth of knowledge of its experts, aligns particularly well with Homely. As a business we want to offer innovative, data-led solutions to the current issues facing the property market.”

“At such a crucial moment for the property market, this first round capital raise will allow Homely to help more people on their journey to homeownership. When it feels like buying a home, or qualifying for a mortgage, is moving further and further out of reach, Homely is committed to providing innovative solutions, underpinned by technology.” 

“As we expand and evolve moving forward, there will be further opportunities on the horizon for investors to work with us and be part of an important journey to help more people become HomeReady. We look forward to working closely with UST and driving forward better outcomes for the UK property market.”

Praveen Prabhakaran, Chief Delivery Officer, UST, said, “We are pleased to join forces with Homely, a truly innovative brand that is using technology to offer modern solutions to longstanding problems within the UK property market. This is truly aligned to our core mission of Transforming Lives and we look forward to playing a significant role in enriching and enabling the homeownership journey.”

Homely’s digital platform will be live and available for consumers to access by the end of 2023.

About Homely

Founded in 2021, Homely is a free-to-access digital platform which leverages technology and partnerships to help homebuyers and renters to find a home.

Whether you are searching for a rental property or setting out to buy your first home, Homely enhances opportunities and empowers each individual to embark on their journey to home ownership.

Homely believes in making the path to homeownership more accessible and is working with individuals to make this a reality. Homely partners with landlords, renters, and financial institutions to increase transparency and accountability during the rental and buying process as well as provide rewards and incentives through its brand partners.

Bold change requires bold action, enter: Homely.

The Homely offering:

  • Rental Journey Progress Feature: Helping renters to track their progress while renting towards home ownership. From pre-renters and students to room renters, low-end rental, mid-end rental and high-end rental, Homely wants to be with you on the journey all the way
  • Reporting maintenance issues: The Homely platform allows renters to quickly report any issues with a property directly to the landlord in order for improvements to be made and any issues to be addressed
  • Homely’s Flexible Ownership offering: Once in a flexible ownership arrangement with Homely, the individual will have the right to purchase further portions of their property on periodic dates in the future for a small fee at prevailing market value.  In the event an individual needs to raise liquidity, there may also be the ability to sell some or all of their holding to Homely, subject to availability. This will also provide landlords with the opportunity to sell their properties to incumbent renters.
  • HomelyBricks: A rewards based system which integrates with existing affiliate partners with loyalty and cashback schemes to support their build-up of HomelyBricks which can become benefits or proof points when getting a mortgage
  • Debt Consolidation – with Monevo, Homely can help users to consolidate debt and start paying it down in preparation for saving for a deposit
  • ExpansionReady: Helping landlords to expand their portfolios, source new financing or remortgage on existing BTL mortgages. Also provide real time information to inform their decision to expand their portfolio
  • Mortgage & buying scheme acceptance: Working with lenders to be able to access relevant criteria for the lender to approve and accept mortgage applications in real-time

Media Contacts, Homely

Jamie Till, Libby Wallis or Georgia Turton at Instinctif Partners: [email protected] / 020 7457 2020

About UST

For more than 23 years, UST has worked side by side with the world’s best companies to make a real impact through transformation. Powered by technology, inspired by people, and led by our purpose, we partner with our clients from design to operation. Through our nimble approach, we identify their core challenges, and craft disruptive solutions that bring their vision to life. With deep domain expertise and a future-proof philosophy, we embed innovation and agility into our clients’ organizations—delivering measurable value and lasting change across industries, and around the world. Together, with over 30,000 employees in 30+ countries, we build for boundless impact—touching billions of lives in the process. Visit us at 

Media Contacts, UST:
Tinu Cherian Abraham
+1 (949) 415-9857

Merrick Laravea
+1 (949) 416-6212

Neha Misri
[email protected]

Media Contacts, U.S.:
[email protected]

[email protected]

Media Contacts, U.K.:
FTI Consulting
[email protected]


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Blockchain Press Releases

Flash News: OKX Introduces Exclusive ‘Babylon Pioneer Pass Event’ in Collaboration with Babylon, Offering Free Pioneer Pass NFT Minting for the First 100,000 Users Who Stake on Babylon Testnet




SINGAPORE, March 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, has issued updates for March 2, 2024.

OKX Introduces Exclusive ‘Babylon Pioneer Pass Event’ in Collaboration with Babylon, Offering Free Pioneer Pass NFT Minting for the First 100,000 Users Who Stake on Babylon Testnet

OKX today announced the launch of its ‘Babylon Pioneer Pass Event,’ giving users who access the Babylon Testnet and stake any amount of Signet Bitcoin (sBTC) the opportunity to claim Babylon’s Bitcoin Pioneer Pass NFT. To qualify for a spot, users must access the Babylon Testnet and stake any amount of Signet Bitcoin (sBTC).

The event kicks off on February 28 and continues until March 6. Following the event, starting from March 7, participants who have been whitelisted will have the ability to mint their Bitcoin Pioneer Pass NFT using the OKX Wallet and their whitelisted address.

The process of participating in this event is straightforward and involves the following steps:

  1. Firstly, users will need to prepare by setting up their OKX and Keplr Wallets. These wallets will be crucial for interacting with the Babylon Testnet and the subsequent claiming of sBTC and BBN.
  2. Following the wallet setup, users can then claim the sBTC and BBN on Babylon’s Official Discord. These tokens will be needed for staking in the Babylon Testnet.
  3. Finally, users will need to access Babylon’s official website, where users can actively engage, stake their tokens and claim their whitelist spots.

Participation in the event offers a multitude of benefits. Users can engage actively with the Babylon Testnet, which in turn enhances their understanding of the Babylon protocol and its functionalities. Furthermore, participants contribute to the development and evolution of the Babylon protocol by being active users.

The ‘Babylon Pioneer Pass Event‘ is a result of OKX’s partnership with Babylon, a trustless Bitcoin staking protocol. The Bitcoin Pioneer Pass, Babylon’s first commemorative Non-Fungible Token (NFT), is a highlight of this event, representing a significant milestone for both OKX and Babylon.

For more information, please visit the OKX Support Center.

About OKX

A leading global technology company driving the future of Web3, OKX provides a comprehensive suite of products to meet the needs of beginners and experts alike, including:

  • OKX Wallet: The world’s most powerful, secure and versatile crypto wallet which gives users access to over 80 blockchains while allowing them to take custody of their own funds. The wallet includes MPC technology which allows users to easily recover access to their wallet independently, removing the need for traditional, ‘written down’ seed phrases. In addition, OKX Wallet’s account abstraction-powered Smart Account enables users to pay for transactions on multiple blockchains using USDC or USDT, and interact with multiple contracts via a single transaction.
  • DEX: A multi-chain, cross-chain decentralized exchange aggregator of 300+ other DEXs and approximately 15 bridges, with 200,000+ coins and more than 20 blockchains supported.
  • NFT Marketplace: A multi-chain, zero-fee NFT marketplace that gives users access to NFT listings across seven top-tier marketplaces including OpenSea, MagicEden, LooksRare and Blur.
  • Web3 DeFi: A powerful DeFi platform that supports earning and staking on about 70 protocols across more than 10 chains.

OKX partners with a number of the world’s top brands and athletes, including English Premier League champions Manchester City F.C., McLaren Formula 1, The Tribeca Festival, Olympian Scotty James, and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

As a leader building innovative technology products, OKX believes in challenging the status quo. The company recently launched a global brand campaign entitled, The System Needs a Rewrite, which advocates for a new paradigm led by Web3 self-managed technology.

To learn more about OKX, download our app or visit:


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Blockchain Press Releases

Bitget Wallet now supports the Blast Mainnet, pioneering full ecosystem support as a Web3 wallet




VICTORIA, Seychelles, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The globally leading Web3 trading wallet Bitget Wallet has now integrated support for the Blast Mainnet, making it the first all-in-one Web3 wallet for the Blast ecosystem. Users can effortlessly add and switch mainnets within the wallet with just one click, without the need for manual configuration. This integration enables users to manage, transfer, swap, and interact on one of the largest L2 launches in 2024.

Bitget Wallet has aggregated liquidity from mainstream DEXs within the Blast ecosystem, such as BlasterSwap and MonoSwap, into its Swap feature. This allows for mainnet token Swap transactions, providing users with convenient services for trading assets on the Blast blockchain.

During the Blast testnet phase, Bitget Wallet was among the first to offer support, unveiled a dedicated zone in its DApp page for Blast. This section featured over 40 elite projects from Blast’s Big Bang incentive program, enabling users to easily explore, interact, and potentially receive future airdrops in the Blast ecosystem. Following the launch of the Blast mainnet, Bitget Wallet plans to continue integrating popular projects from the Blast ecosystem, offering users extensive asset management features and a comprehensive ecosystem experience.

Bitget Wallet’s COO, Alvin Kan, highlights Blast as a Layer 2 solution with staking at its core, gaining market attention since launch. He says, “We’re committed to cutting-edge tech, lowering Web3 engagement barriers. Collaborating with quality mainnets like Blast, we aim to drive Web3 ecosystem growth.”

This week, Bitget Wallet engages with popular Blast ecosystem projects, exploring market traction, “Stake Layer 2” narrative, TVL enhancement strategies by staking and earning points, notable projects, and effective ways for users to participate in the Blast ecosystem upon mainnet launch. This provides users with valuable insights for meaningful ecosystem engagement.

Additionally, Bitget Wallet is organizing major events to support the Blast ecosystem, providing users with opportunities for discovering new assets.

About Bitget Wallet

Bitget Wallet stands as Asia’s largest and one of the world’s top non-custodial Web3 wallets, boasting over 19 million users globally. Featuring a comprehensive array of features including asset management, intelligent market data, swap functionality, launchpad, inscribing, DApp browsing, and more, Bitget Wallet promises users an unmatched multi-chain Web3 experience. Currently, Bitget Wallet supports over 100 blockchains, hundreds of EVM-compatible chains, and more than 250,000 cryptocurrencies. By aggregating liquidity across hundreds of leading DEXs and cross-chain bridges, Bitget Wallet is able to facilitate seamless and efficient trades on 40+ blockchains.

For more information, visit: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Photo – 

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Blockchain Press Releases

Cashback and Crypto: Bybit’s Monthly Bonanza




DUBAI, UAE, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —Bybit, one of the world’s top three crypto exchanges by volume, now unveils March’s Fiat Cashback Splash for both fresh and seasoned users who make fiat deposits.

This effort celebrates both new and familiar faces within the Bybit fold. The “Fiat Cashback Splash” is part of Bybit’s pledge to be the world’s Crypto Ark, leading the way to the new financial system, and offering straightforward chances for anyone to get involved. Indeed, any crypto users, including newcomers, will be able to walk the crypto path with Bybit as a reliable ally.

“We aim to always offer more to our users, and the Fiat Cashback Splash is our latest move to improve their journey,” said Ben Zhou, Bybit’s co-founder and CEO. “The Fiat Cashback Splash is our way of saying thank you to our community, both old and new, for their trust and support.”

This event spans the first week of every month and any one of Bybit’s 20 million users who bring fiat to the table will see rewards. Newcomers putting down $100 through fiat or a single click buy will get up to $10 back on fees. Those already with Bybit, depositing $500 or more, will see $5 returned.

For the heavy hitters depositing over $5,000, Bybit adds a $30 Buy Crypto Coupon into the mix, widening the horizon for investment.

#Bybit / #TheCryptoArk

About Bybit

Bybit is a top-three cryptocurrency exchange by volume with 20 million users established in 2018. It offers a professional platform where crypto investors and traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, 24/7 customer service, and multilingual community support. Bybit is a proud partner of Formula One’s reigning Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions: the Oracle Red Bull Racing team.

For more details about Bybit, please visit Bybit Press.
For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]
For more information, please visit:
For updates, please follow: Bybit’s Communities and Social Media

Discord | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Reddit | Telegram | TikTok | X | Youtube

Bybit Logo

Photo –
Logo –

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