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Data Center Power Market to Worth $27 Billion by 2028, More than 9,778.6 MW Power Capacity to be Added in the Next 6 Years – Arizton




CHICAGO, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to Arizton’s latest research report, the data center power market will grow at a CAGR of 6.48% during 2022-2028.

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With the increase in data center building and the increasing number of hyperscale constructions by colocation and hyperscale operators, the data center power industry has risen. Several emerging countries, such as Brazil, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Indonesia, and South Korea, are identifying multiple hyperscale data center projects that are driving opportunities for power infrastructure vendors in these countries.

In terms of power infrastructure adoption, UPS systems dominated the market in 2022, followed by generators. UPS systems with a capacity of below 500 kVA dominated the UPS market in 2022, driven by the development of several data centers below a capacity of 5 MW. UPS systems with a capacity of over 500 kVA contributed to over 60% cumulatively of the overall investments for UPS systems in the market. The share of UPS systems with a capacity of up to 500 kVA will continue to dominate the market in the coming 4-5 years, followed by systems with a capacity of over 500 KVA, slowly witnessing an increase in investments. The market has witnessed traction toward the adoption of VRLA and Lithium-ion-powered UPS systems.

Data Center Power Market Report Scope

Report Attributes


Market Size (2028)

USD 27.02 Billion

Market Size (2022)

USD 18.54 Billion

CAGR By Revenue (2022-2028)

6.48 %

Power Capacity (2028)

9,778.6 MW

Base Year


Forecast Year


Market Segmentation

Electrical Infrastructure, UPS System Capacity, Generator Capacity, Tier Standards, and Geography

Geographic Analysis

North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Nordics, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, APAC, and Southeast Asia

Market Dynamics

·  The Power Outages in the Industry

·  A Surge in Rack Power Density Across the Market


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The market for UPS systems is also witnessing continuous innovations by vendors to meet up with the challenges emerging in the market. UPS systems are also being widely adopted to provide backup power for cooling systems installed in the facility. Over the past five years, data center operators have been laying higher emphasis on the monitoring of batteries in UPS systems. Data center operators are also likely to adopt battery cooling cabinets depending on the type of batteries used. For instance, if operators adopt flooded lead-acid batteries, they are kept in isolation from the data hall due to the chances of an acid spill and hydrogen explosion; hence, separate cooling is automatically required. Most data centers are adopting VRLA batteries, while a few data centers are using flywheel UPS systems. The adoption of Lithium-ion batteries is likely to significantly increase during the forecast period as its price will continue to decline. Since most vendors are offering Lithium-ion-based UPS systems, the market is likely to become highly competitive in the coming years.

Vendors are also continuously innovating with UPS solutions to boost efficiency and reduce costs. The growth of Lithium-ion UPS systems is aided by benefits such as a reduction in OPEX through lower maintenance costs and lower chances of UPS battery failure. The adoption of Lithium-ion batteries is likely to increase during the forecast period as their price will continue to decline. For instance,

  • EdgeCore Internet Real Estate has adopted Lithium-ion UPS batteries in its Ashburn data center campus.
  • Digital Realty opened a data center (Digital Erskine Park II) in Australia that is equipped with Lithium-ion battery-based UPS systems.
  • GIGA Data Centers facility in North Carolina is equipped with Lithium-ion batteries that were supplied by ABB.
  • GPX Global Systems’ data center facilities in Mumbai, India, are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries from Eaton.
  • Google is using large Lithium-ion batteries as a replacement for generators in a pilot project in its Belgium data center.

The contribution from colocation providers will be high in terms of Lithium-ion UPS solutions. Single rack-based prefabricated data center solutions will include single-phase Lithium-ion systems with a power capacity of lower than 10 kVA. The global data center power market by UPS systems to reach $7.94 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.49%.

Segmentation Analysis

  • The data center power market has been growing in terms of the rise in the construction of data centers. Operators are on the lookout for innovative and energy-efficient solutions. Regarding power infrastructure, UPS systems were the highest contributors to market investments by adopting VRLA and lithium-ion-powered UPS systems.
  • Regarding UPS infrastructure, the market is growing for UPS systems with capacities of 500-1,000 kVA systems. In contrast, the growing number of hyperscale data centers will increase the scope of adoption of UPS systems with capacities of over 1,000 kVA. The on-premise centers will continue to invest in adopting UPS systems with capacities of up to 500 kVA.
  • The efficient adoption of the most suitable UPS systems has become a critical task for operators and designers, as UPS systems account for 30−40% of the failures in a facility. Lithium-ion battery technology will account for around 40-50% of the market share over the next ten years.
  • In terms of generators, the market has grown in adopting generator sets with a 1.5-3 MW capacity. In contrast, the hyperscale facilities are expected to invest in generators with a capacity of over 3 MW. The data center power market for generators with a capacity of up to 1.5 MW has witnessed investments from edge facilities or on-premise data center operators.
  • The procurement of diesel generators dominates the market adoption, with some facilities across the globe involved in procuring gas generators. For instance, Colt Data Centre Services’ Tokyo Otemachi facility has 4,500-kVA gas turbine generators with N+1 redundancy.
  • In addition, most of the data centers are shifting to the sustainability goals of being carbon neutral. Due to this, most operators are adopting new innovative technologies like fuel cell generators, HVO fuel generators, and eco diesel generators to operate the data center facility with zero carbon emissions.

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Competitive Overview

The data center power market is witnessing intense competition among power infrastructure providers. ABB, Eaton, Caterpillar, Cummins, Legrand, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, and Vertiv are the leading market players. In terms of generators, Cummins and Caterpillar have a strong presence in the market. With increasing demand toward sustainability, operators are considering substituting traditional diesel generators and UPS systems with natural gas, hydrogen fuel cell generators, Lithium-ion batteries, and intelligent PDUs to improve the efficiency of their facilities. The market is becoming very competitive, with power solution providers innovating their products to offer maximum efficiency and reliability. The varied requirements of data center operators are prompting vendors to develop products that reduce OPEX by up to 50%. Vendors who can cater to the changed requirements of operators have been able to grab a bigger share of the market. Leading vendors offering UPS systems and generators should consider adding fuel deployment expertise to their portfolio as a standalone solution or through partnerships with small-scale fuel cell suppliers. In addition, the increasing deployment of OCP-based infrastructure design will bring about a shift in market demand. Vendors such as Schneider Electric, Rittal, HPE, Delta Electronics, and Huawei provide infrastructure based on OCP design. This will aid in the growth of market revenues for these vendors, as many organizations prefer solutions such as 48V DC UPS systems.

Key Vendor Profiles

  • ABB
  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Eaton
  • Legrand
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Schneider Electric
  • Vertiv
  • AEG Power Solutions
  • Aggreko
  • Aksa Power Generation
  • AMETEK Powervar
  • Anord Mardix
  • Artesyn Embedded Power (Advanced Energy)
  • Aten
  • Austin Hughes Electronics
  • BENNING Elektrotechnik Und Elektronik
  • Borri
  • Bloom Energy
  • Bxterra Power Technology
  • Canovate
  • Chatsworth Products
  • Cisco Systems
  • Controlled Power Company
  • Cyber Power Systems
  • Dataprobe
  • Delta Power Solutions
  • Detroit Diesel
  • EAE Elektrik
  • Elcom International
  • Enconnex
  • Enlogic
  • EverExceed Industrial
  • Exide Technologies
  • Fuji Electric
  • Generac Power Systems
  • General Electric
  • Genesal Energy
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics
  • HITEC Power Protection
  • Huawei
  • KEHUA Data (KEHUA Tech)
  • KOEL (Kirloskar)
  • Kohler
  • Marathon Power
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • MPINarada
  • Natron Energy
  • Narada
  • Panduit
  • Piller Power Systems
  • Plug Power
  • Powertek
  • Pramac
  • Riello Elettronica
  • Rittal
  • Shenzhen KSTAR Science & Technology (KSTAR)
  • Siemens
  • Socomec
  • SolarEdge Technologies
  • Thycon
  • Toshiba
  • Virtual Power Systems (VPS)
  • WTI – Western Telematic
  • ZAF Energy Systems
  • ZincFive

Market Segmentation

Electrical Infrastructure

  • UPS Systems
  • Generators
  • Transfer Switches & Switchgears
  • PDUs
  • Other Electrical Infrastructure

UPS System Capacity

  • <=500 kVA
  • >500–1,000 kVA
  • >1,000 kVA

Generator Capacity

  • 0-1.5 MW
  • 5–3 MW
  • >=3 MW

Tier Standards 

  • Tier I & II
  • Tier III
  • Tier IV


  • North America
    • The US
    • Canada
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Rest of Latin America
  • Western Europe
    • The UK
    • Germany
    • France
    • Netherlands
    • Ireland
    • Switzerland
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Belgium
    • Other Western European Countries
  • Nordics
    • Sweden
    • Denmark
    • Norway
    • Finland & Iceland
  • Central and Eastern Europe
    • Russia
    • Poland
    • Other Central & Eastern European Countries
  • Middle East
    • The UAE
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Israel
    • Other Middle Eastern Countries
  • Africa
    • South Africa
    • Kenya
    • Nigeria
    • Other African Countries
  • APAC
    • China
    • Hongkong
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • India
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Taiwan
    • Rest of APAC
  • Southeast Asia
    • Singapore
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Thailand
    • Philippines
    • Vietnam
    • Other Southeast Asian Countries

Key Questions Answered in the Report:    

  • How big is the data center power market?
  • What is the growth rate of the global data center power market?
  • Who are the key players in the global data center power market?
  • Which region holds the most significant global data center power market share?
  • How many MW of power capacity is expected to reach the global data center power market by 2028?

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The report provides a detailed examination of asset allocation strategies employed by different cohorts — institutions, VIPs, and retail traders — especially in the volatile market environment since December 2022.

Key findings include:

  • Institutional Investors: Predominantly holding 45% in stablecoins, 35% in Bitcoin, and 15% in Ether, institutions emphasize liquidity and strategic diversification. Notably, their Bitcoin holdings nearly doubled in the first three quarters of 2023.
  • Ether Trends: A decline in institutional interest in Ether has been noted, although upcoming market developments, like the rumored BlackRock spot Ether ETF, could shift the trend.
  • Retail Trader Behavior: Retail traders are observed to hold more stablecoins, suggesting a more cautious allocation to riskier assets compared to traditional finance norms.
  • Altcoin Investments: Both retail and VIP traders show higher altcoin holdings than institutional investors, although these remain a minor part of total portfolios, indicating caution, perhaps due to a hangover from the recent bear market.

“This report is a testament to Bybit’s commitment to empowering our users with actionable insights,” said Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO. “Understanding how different market participants navigate the complexities of bull and bear markets is crucial. We believe this research will not only enlighten our traders but also contribute to the broader crypto community’s understanding of market dynamics.”

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About Bybit

Bybit is a top-three cryptocurrency exchange by volume with 20 million users established in 2018. It offers a professional platform where crypto investors and traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, 24/7 customer service, and multilingual community support. Bybit is a proud partner of Formula One’s reigning Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions: the Oracle Red Bull Racing team.

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DUBAI, UAE, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bybit, the world’s third-largest crypto exchange by volume, is excited to announce the ByBUIDLERs Cruise Contest, an extraordinary opportunity for crypto enthusiasts in India. This contest offers a chance to win a luxurious 10-day cruise from Mumbai to Dubai, coupled with an exciting Sea Summit experience and a visit to Bybit’s Dubai office.

Introducing ByBUIDLERs

ByBUIDLERs is Bybit’s initiative that combines grassroots enthusiasm with the thrilling world of cryptocurrency. Designed for crypto aficionados, the program invites participants to engage with the community, create compelling content, and contribute to Bybit’s growth and outreach.

Participation Steps

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The top five most creative ByBUIDLERs, judged by their engagement and creativity, will embark on the Sea Summit 10-day luxury cruise, setting sail from Mumbai to Dubai. The cruise is also a crypto summit where winners will meet leaders in crypto, participate in educational events, and attend themed party nights.

#Bybit / #TheCryptoArk

About Bybit

Bybit is a top-three cryptocurrency exchange by volume with 20 million users established in 2018. It offers a professional platform where crypto investors and traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, 24/7 customer service, and multilingual community support. Bybit is a proud partner of Formula One’s reigning Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions: the Oracle Red Bull Racing team.

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Bitget Wallet Integrates TON Mainnet, Prepares for TON and Telegram-Based Innovative Products




Bitget Wallet Integrates TON Mainnet, Prepares for TON and Telegram-Based Innovative Products

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The leading Web3 trading wallet, Bitget Wallet (formerly known as BitKeep Wallet), now supports TON (The Open Network). TON, a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain, was initially designed by the Telegram team and later advanced by the community.

The TON integration allows users to add the TON network with a single click, manage assets, and perform on-chain transactions. Looking ahead, Bitget Wallet plans to further expand its services to include support for TON ecosystem DApps, token trading, and candlestick chart features. Additionally, Bitget Wallet is set to launch innovative products and services based on TON and Telegram, such as the Telegram Red Packet feature.

TON, with its Telegram-originated blockchain solution, is designed for high scalability, targeting millions of transactions per second (TPS) to serve Telegram’s extensive user base. This performance capability positions TON as a pivotal player in the evolving digital landscape. By building a Web3 ecosystem within Telegram, TON is committed to bridging Web2 and Web3, promoting the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies.

Bitget Wallet’s support for TON reflects a recognition of its innovation and anticipation of Telegram’s user base venturing into Web3. This aligns with Bitget Wallet’s ongoing commitment to providing convenient, user-friendly product experiences and opening the doors to Web3 for its users.

To date, Bitget Wallet has served over 12 million users worldwide, becoming one of the most popular crypto hot wallets globally, with its app ranking fourth in global downloads in October. The integration with the TON mainnet is also expected to enhance the liquidity and user base of the TON network.

About Bitget Wallet (Web3 trading wallet)

Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet stands as Asia’s largest and global frontrunner among all-in-one Web3 trading wallets. We offer a comprehensive range of on-chain products and DeFi services to our users, including wallet functionality, Swap feature, NFT trading, DApp browsing, MPC Wallet and more.

With a 5-year legacy, Bitget Wallet has garnered acclaim from over 12 million users worldwide and has secured partnerships with prominent industry leaders including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Solana, Base, and others. This success stems from our commitment to consistently delivering secure and convenient products and services.

In March 2023, Bitget, a leading crypto derivatives trading platform made a substantial $30 million investment in BitKeep, acquiring a controlling stake. Following this strategic move, BitKeep underwent a transformative and strategic brand evolution in August, officially rebranding itself as Bitget Wallet.

For more information, visit: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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