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Cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io will attend and deliver a keynote speech at TOKEN2049, one of Europe’s most influential crypto events. TOKEN2049 will be held in London from November 9 to 10 to bring together influential Web3 leaders and blockchain industry experts from around the world.

Europe’s most influential crypto event

TOKEN2049 is a premier crypto event held annually in London and Singapore, where founders and executives of leading Web3 companies share their views on the market. The event focuses on global developments while taking a unique and expansive view of the ecosystem and its vast opportunities, covering NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, Web3, DAO, and more.

TOKEN2049 will unite the global cryptocurrency industry, including entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and industry insiders. More than 3,000 attendees, 100+ sponsors, 150+ speakers, and 100+ journalists are expected to attend.

Gate.io to Deliver Keynote Speech

Founders and industry experts will present multiple keynotes where attendees can learn about crypto’s latest developments and market situation and connect with like-minded partners.

Daniel Antcliff, Head of Business Development, will deliver a keynote speech at 10:30 amNovember 10, GMT, to share insights about Gate.io‘s ecosystem development and more.

Moreover, the Gate.io team also plans to engage with the local community to discuss the latest crypto industry developments and market trends, and explore new possibilities in the industry during Token2049.

For more information about Token2049, visit https://www.token2049.com/


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