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Global DJ/Producer SASHA announced today a special blockchain art collaboration project “TEN” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his label LAST NIGHT ON EARTH. The collection, which brings together Sasha, 10 visual artists, and 10 musical artists, is set to go live on Nifty Gateway on October 21 at 5pm EST. This cutting-edge NFT Collaboration is managed by SEVEN20.

The digital art drop coincides with this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), where Sasha and the Last Night On Earth team will have a presence at the Ghost Gallery to host a live NFT Exhibition alongside partners Fan3 and Tokentraxx. Sasha will also be performing a 6 hour back-to-back set with Patrice Baumel at Het Sieraad on the 22nd, where some of the artwork will be displayed in the show visuals. The drop will close after the Het Sieraad Party.

The collection will truly be a global feat, as in addition to the collection being exhibited live in Amsterdam, it will also be exhibited in Los Angeles at the Crypt Gallery (Dream Hotel, Hollywood). And if you can’t make it to either Amsterdam or Los Angeles, then you can still participate in the exhibition fun by joining a drop party virtually in CryptoVoxels, where imnotArt will be hosting, and you can even catch an exclusive set by Sasha himself.

This massive twenty-one-way collaboration comes almost exactly one year after Sasha’s inaugural digital art collection, which celebrated ‘LUZoSCURA’. The eponymous playlist turned compilation then turned digital art collection; a true journey through the creative awe that Sasha has been emulating throughout his career. The LUZoSCURA collection was created in collaboration with Drew Geraci, an artisan of imagery specialized in astonishing timelapses.

“Last year I first dipped my toe into digital art with our LUZoSCURA NFT drop around the HNDI release – it was so fulfilling and exciting to see this new path of creativity emerge. So when the TEN project came around, it was initially focused on TEN collabs with music artists, but then expanded into collaborating with the digital artists, and doing 10 x 10 x 10 – such a huge and diverse project unfolded, and just an incredible opportunity I had to pursue.”
– Sasha

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Collection Info:
  • 10x Unique Pieces
    • All pieces are editions of 10
    • Ranked auction (24hrs)
  • Extremely limited edition TEN Collection Vinyl
    • Eligible to those who bid over $500 on the corresponding NFT pieces.
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