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NOIZChain Limited (“NOIZ“), today announced it has reached an conditional agreement on the sale of the entire issued share capital to Merdeka Financial  Group Limited (Stock code: 8163) (“Merdeka“).

Andy Ann, the Chief Executive Officer of NOIZ, said, ”NOIZ aims to make blockchain technology widely available for every business and to drive blockchain into mass adoption and commercialisation. We are committed to empower enterprises to embrace Web3.0 environmentally, and we believe Merdeka, as a Hong Kong listed company, helps NOIZ to gain a competitive edge by accessing capital market for further growth. Complying with more stringent disclosure requirements for listed companies, it also enhances NOIZ’s transparency among institutions and the investing public which strengthens its reputation and credibility.”


NOIZ is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (”BaaS”) company that provides tailor made services and advice to businesses allowing them to use cloud-based solutions to manage and develop their applications and smart contracts without needing to develop and maintain their own blockchain environments.

NOIZ principally engages in (i) provision of a private blockchain as an infrastructure technology and on-going support of all core value transactions and applications for businesses; (ii) design and build realistic Metaverses for enterprises to connect reality and the virtual world; and (iii) creation and issuance of smart contracts for corporate and individual clients on NOIZ Green Chain (as defined below).


Environmental, Social, and Governance (”ESG”) become the top agenda of global investors as essential non-financial factors in their investment decisions. NOIZ values ESG and sustainable development.

NOIZ has developed an environmental-friendly blockchain known as ”NOIZChain” (”NOIZ Green Chain”), which adopts the proof of capacity (”PoC”) consensus mechanism that allows clients in the network to use available hard drive space to decide mining rights and to validate transactions. As compared to other consensus mechanisms such as proof of work, PoC is considered to be energy efficient as participants only temporarily provide storage space on their hard drives rather than needing expensive and specialised hardware that consumes a lot of power for solving computationally intensive encryption. NOIZ Green Chain consumes approximately 2,600 times less energy than conventional proof of work platforms.


With the foundation of NOIZ Green Chain, NOIZ has developed a Metaverse (the ”NOIZ Metaverse”) and an all-in-one digital wallet (the ”Beam Digital Wallet”) on the NOIZ Green Chain.

The NOIZ Metaverse was developed by utilising Unreal Engine 5, a powerful software that creates virtual worlds for video game development, film studios and architectural research. Unlike the existing pixelated Metaverse, NOIZ Metaverse further reduces the distinction between the virtual world and reality. NOIZ helps businesses to build their own realistic Metaverse for commercialisation.

The Beam Digital Wallet is a mobile wallet that can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with a built-in marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, transfer, and track all smart contracts possessed by the users. The smart contracts traded within the marketplace are transacted via fiat currency, including payments by both MasterCard/Visa cards.

Andy Ann, the Chief Executive Officer of NOIZ, added, ”We are providing tailor-made Blockchain development services to various industries covering international banks, insurance companies, art museums and advertising agencies, etc. We look forward to partnering with more different clients in the future upon the successful of the proposed transaction by moving toward a listed platform.”

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