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With every new headline around the Metaverse or Web3, most marketers are trying to make sense of it and navigate this new unknown for their brand.

Today, Horizon Media, the largest U.S. media agency according to AdAge Data Center 2022, announced the launch of Chapter & Verse, one of the industry’s first standalone units dedicated to the Metaverse, Web3, NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, DAO communities and all other related facets. The unit, Chapter & Verse, will have three core capabilities: Consulting, Creative Concepting & Development, and Event Activation.

The unit will be led by Donnie Williams, EVP/Chief Digital Officer, Horizon Media, and Pedro L. Rodriguez, SVP, Business Growth, Digital Marketing & Transformation, Horizon Media, who are also both co-Founders of Chapter & Verse.

“We know that the Metaverse and Web3 will bring a sea change for consumers and present unprecedented opportunities for brands when done right,” said Bill Koenigsberg, CEO & Founder, Horizon Media. “Our practice and expertise will educate and shepherd clients successfully through this exciting period of rapid innovation.”

The first of the three offerings, Consulting, will focus on the two areas that brands have shown the most interest in – education about the space and how best to approach the Metaverse. The unit will help clients navigate and understand Web3 & the Metaverse (and the transition from Web2 to Web3), provide strategy, ideation, concepting and project management for executions/activations.

The second offering, Creative Concepting & Development, will help brands build immersive experiences within the Metaverse, including in-game media creative, digital billboards, NFT development, NFT/DAO marketing amplification, brand merchandizing on platforms, blockchain for customer loyalty programs and fan engagement/ticketing.

The third offering, Event Activation, will help clients execute & optimize experiential and retail activations, including potential large-scale event marketing initiatives such as Super Bowl, Music Festivals and Red Carpet events, when brand-appropriate.

“Far too often in our industry, we see marketers and agencies take a sluggish ‘wait and see’ approach with new technologies,” said Williams. “Instead, we at Horizon have quickly embraced and assembled expertise that will educate and guide brands through these unchartered waters, so they not only feel comfortable within these new environments, but also, so that no opportunity is missed.”

“Next-gen solutions for our clients in this space requires that we collectively push beyond core media activities,” said Rodriguez. “So we are launching ‘metaMondays’ – an open forum series for Horizon employees and clients to engage on a broad range of topics and to inspire creative ideas. metaMondays will include a broad variety of speakers and topics, focused on community education around brand and marketing application.”

In fact, the origin of the unit’s name derives from the way the unit intends to operate – first provide brands a “chapter” of base knowledge, followed by several “verses,” i.e. other facets of related technology. Core to the initiative will be a definitive focus on inclusivity, allowing brands to foray into this arena in a responsible manner.

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