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One of Asia’s most successful NFT projects, Monkey Kingdom, has announced its latest collection, “Monkey Legends”, which will be auctioned by the esteemed Phillips auction house this week. Monkey Legends is a NFT collection of 10,000 3D avatars featuring traits and powers based on Sun Wukong, the legendary mythical figure from traditional folklore. Three of the pieces from the collection will be on offer as part of Phillips Intersect series taking place online March 24-31, 2022.

Designed to be Metaverse ready, MONKEY LEGENDS will feature fully customizable avatars that have the ability to wear branded outfits and other NFT accessories. The 3 MONKEY LEGENDS on offer at INTERSECT are among the rarest from the collection, and part of the ‘Legendary’ rarity rankings, which consist of a total 21 unique 1-of-1 NFTs. This evolution of Monkey Kingdom on the Ethereum blockchain will support whole new experiences and exclusive access into the Metaverse.

Another Web 3.0 milestone, this is the first time an Asian NFT collection will debut and reveal at an international auction platform. “This season’s INTERSECT also presents 3 of the rarest Monkey Legends NFTs from Monkey Kingdom, one of Asia’s most successful NFT collections.” states Phillips’ announcement of the series.

The auction can be viewed at: https://www.phillips.com/auctions/auction/HK090122

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