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On March 17, 2022Multichain announced that a security fund for protecting users’ assets from potential risks was officially established. From March 17 onward, 10% of Multichain’s monthly transaction fee will be set aside for the security fund. On the same day, it also jointly launched a bug bounty program with Immunefi. The maximum bounties up to $2,000,000 have been set to encourage Multichain vulnerability review and disclosure.

Multichain Security Fund

Multichain has decided that from March 17 onward, 10% of Multichain’s monthly transaction fee will be set aside for the security fund. This fund is mainly used to compensate users for any potential loss caused by vulnerabilities in Multichain systems and services. When risks occur and users indeed suffer from losses, Multichain will jointly investigate the incident with a third-party security agency, to analyze and identify the causes of the loss. An analysis and compensation plan will be displayed in the Multichain community. This provision, however, does not apply to user losses caused by project partners’ systems/services, misoperations by users themselves, or risky operations by users themselves through negligence. Multichain will strictly follow the terms of the fund, to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of Multichain users. Click here to learn more details about Multichain Security Fund.

Bug Bounty Program up to $2M

In collaboration with Immunefi, this bug bounty program is set to encourage the community to review Multichain’s code and security. Multichain will provide considerable rewards ($500 to $2,000,000) for discovering and submitting vulnerabilities. Multichain believes it’s important to make the good guys stay motivated and make sure they know they are appreciated.

The main BBP scope includes the entire architecture of Multichain, as well as all currently deployed components, developer documents and listed assets, and smart contract addresses. Smart contracts and applications built by third-party developers on the basis of Multichain are not included in the Program’s reward scope. Click here to learn more details about the program.

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