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Stardust, a seamless solution for game developers integrating NFTs into their immersive games, was selected as the partner of choice for leading free-to-play games publisher Tilting Point. This partnership combines Tilting Point’s publishing platform known for scaling developers’ games through UA funding and management, app store optimization (ASO), ad monetization, platform deployment and more  with Stardust’s technology infrastructure and blockchain agnostic approach to creating in-game NFTs and immersive experiences to propel growing developers to new heights of success.

Stardust CEO, Canaan Linder

“Partnering with Tilting Point positions Stardust as theAPI for leading game publishers building on blockchain,” said Canaan Linder, founder and CEO of Stardust. “Together, Stardust and Tilting Point are paving the way for indie developers to quickly and easily bring play to earn and blockchain games to mobile players worldwide while leveraging next-generation, AIdriven marketing for branding and monetization.”

Whether for an indie developer or AAA game publisher, Stardust is committed to providing equitable access to the tools for building in the metaverse, which aligns perfectly with Tilting Point’s progressive publishing strategy and data-driven approach to player acquisition and in-game marketing.

“At our core, Tilting Point is and has always been about accelerating and amplifying developers’ businesses and, in so doing, changing their lives,” said Samir Agili, President and Co-CEO of Tilting Point. “The metaverse provides even more opportunities for our developers’ growth, and we have big plans to help them take advantage in myriad ways. This new partnership with Stardust will enable us to be the bridge from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 for our indie developer partners, as well as easily bring new metaverse-ready games to mobile players worldwide while leveraging next-generation, AI-powered marketing for branding and monetization.”

Tilting Point currently has more than 35 developer partners and has great experience in boosting the global efforts of developers and connecting them with universally recognized IPs.  Developers  benefit from Tilting Point’s expert services in app store optimization, marketing creative and UA management bolstered by Tilting Point’s user acquisition fund. Tilting Point has previously launched several top franchises in games, including SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off, Star Trek Timelines and Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest.

Like Tilting Point, Stardust is committed to empowering game developers with the tools to not just adopt blockchain technologies but to thrive in the metaverse. The company’s low-code, blockchain-free API allows game developers to integrate NFTs quickly and cost-effectively in their games, delivering an effortless experience for building and scaling metaverse-ready experiences.

By empowering creators with access to its no-code, plug-and-play solutions for building on blockchain, Stardust enables game developers with the means to monetize in-game experiences, as well as acquire, engage, and incentivize a new generation of players in the metaverse.

“Tilting point is at the forefront of mobile gaming,” said Stardust COO, Atif Khan. “Having worked with its brain trust on numerous projects over the past decade, I’m excited by what our two companies will achieve together, spawning a new era of immersive player-first experiences that leverage blockchain.”

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