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Blue United (Blue) is merging the worlds of healthcare and blockchain technology by creating a community that leverages smart contracts to authenticate and incentivize the healthy choices of its members. Launched as a partnership between health executives and blockchain technologists in 2018, Blue seeks to transform medical delivery on a global scale by redefining the cost-benefit relationship between healthcare and healthy living.

Through the activation of the Proof of Action algorithm, Blue members are rewarded on a daily basis for engaging in healthy activities and for sharing the biometric data those activities produce. From taking a 5-minute walk, to refilling a prescription, to getting a good night’s sleep, Blue members are rewarded for making healthy choices. These digital rewards come in the form of BLUE, which is used as a medium of exchange and is native to the Blue Ecosystem. Members’ subscription costs can be offset, or even completely paid for, through their BLUE rewards, making healthy living the only prerequisite for excellent healthcare. The Blue Ecosystem is always secure, always encrypted, always anonymous, and always rewarded—thanks to blockchain technology.

Blue plans to partner with many existing health and wellness companies by effectively integrating them into the Blue Ecosystem, which will provide them a novel incentivization tool to increase participation in healthy living. In its first phase of this plan, Blue publicly launched a telehealth and prescription discount card service at the end of last year. In 2022, Blue plans to integrate physical and mental fitness solutions as well, hoping to create a fully holistic health platform.

Blue envisions a world where every individual is empowered to take greater control of their health. A world where people won’t look for institutions to keep them healthy and strong, but will only look inside themselves. This is a world that is finally possible, thanks to the blockchain and a mission to change healthcare forever.

To get involved with Blue, you can register for its telehealth service today or put your computer to work on the blockchain through Blue Node Software. To learn more visit: https://www.blueunited.com

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