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NJOY project is developing top-quality platforms for adult content, creating long-term value and profitable returns for our content creators and investors.

Two platforms will be developed:

  1. An Adult Platform which will provide the ability for content creators to host their own individual profiles. Not only will they have the ability to stream live content and interact with their viewers via live chat, but will also be able to post daily content to keep their subscribers up to date and engaged.
  2. An NFT Platform will be created as an exclusive marketplace for adult content only. Due to the strict copyright nature of adult content, a strict vetting process will be in place to ensure only original content is approved for minting and selling in our marketplace. NJOY is looking to revolutionize how adult material is integrated into the current NFT marketplace.


Considering the sensitive context of the adult industry, NJOY proposes a mixture model: a decentralized blockchain technological solution combined with the security measures that guarantee copyright for the content producers and data security for users.
NJOY intends to change the way adult content is sold and consumed following constant innovation in sectors such as the streaming and cryptocurrency area.

A.  To reduce current higher fees for the content creators.
B.  To grant sufficient copyright protection to participants.
C.  To provide a solution to user privacy concerns.
D.  To provide easy access to adult content from around the world.
E.  Constantly onboarding new creators and uploading fresh content to the platform.

Token Utility

Credit cards are used every day to pay for services provided online. Nevertheless, when you work in an industry deemed high risk, such as adult content, credit card processing can become a significant hassle. From rejecting services by industry leaders (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal) to dealing with seemingly unnecessary fees, obtaining adult merchant services can be frustrating.
NJOY token will serve as one of many currencies for the upcoming Platforms and will provide its users with Anonymous Payment processing options, which will solve the above problem.

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