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ZOAN, a leading global VR studio, today announced the upcoming launch of Cornerstone.land, a photorealistic metaverse experience featuring a volcanic island sold exclusively through the FUNGI platform as NFTs. A total of 100 virtual land parcels will be available for sale over the course of Q1, ranging in price from €10,000 to more than €20 million, making Cornerstone.land one of the most valuable land sales in the metaverse to date. The first land drop will be available for purchase starting January 31 at http://fun.gi/. Visitors can sign up for alerts on land drops at https://cornerstone.land/.

As virtual real estate in the metaverse has become more pervasive, open digital worlds like Decentraland, The Sandbox, CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space have attracted investors and driven millions in land sales. At the same time, businesses and individuals seeking more exclusivity can now turn to Cornerstone.land, which offers custom avatars, exclusive buildings, private NFT galleries and more. The photorealistic escape of Cornerstone.land is the perfect place for artists, brands, and creators to showcase their work, collaborate or entertain in a more exclusive environment.

“Cornerstone.land is a passion project we’ve been dreaming up for years. It all started with the idea to build our virtual office and since then it’s grown into the creation of a whole land drop powered by blockchain technology,” said Miikka Rosendahl, CEO of ZOAN. “In Cornerstone.land, you can truly escape from reality. The raw beauty of the island is something that has never been seen before – it’s like starring in a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie, except you get to decide the plot.”

Cornerstone.land is divided into 100 regions of soil, where each region is unique in terrain, geography, and shape. Once land ownership is 100% complete in Q1, the Cornerstone volcano will erupt, growing each region exponentially. Landowners (“Cornerstonians”) receive building credits to design a metaverse experience that best suits their needs. ZOAN provides an experienced 3D specialist that completes the building process. Anything that’s built can be resold to other Cornerstonians. Building materials and construction credits can also be resold within the community. Even guest invitations can be sold to other Cornerstonians.

The Cornerstone.land 3D metaverse is being built with the Unreal Engine, which allows real-time rendering of high-quality graphics. Cornerstone.land plots are stored on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs, specifically ERC-721 tokens. Users can easily verify the ownership and transaction history of each NFT. Each piece of land is unique and digitally certified by the Ethereum smart contracts.

For more information about Cornerstone.land, visit https://cornerstone.land/.

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