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NFTIV and THEi are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining NFTIV’s blockchain and NFT leading tech services with THEi’s top class higher education services.

With the Blockchain system and NFT playing an increasingly critical role in aspects of business and education, THEi recognizes that they need to accelerate and strengthen the awareness and ability of the students in those thriving new technologies.

The NFTIV-THEi partnership will build the first NFT Lab in Hong Kong to enable long-term development of tech talents in Hong Kong for NFT and Blockchain, especially for THEi students.

“The NFTIV-THEi partnership is a powerful combination. THEi’s innovative, professional and entrepreneurial organisation with a commitment to greening and sustainability – is uniquely complimentary to how NFTIV team works. We believe this helps to generate industry leading Blockchain tech experts and great NFT platforms and tech,” said Anthony Leung, NFTIV’s founder and CTO.

Anthony Leung has been the influential figure in the core movement of digital transformation happening in Hong KongEast Asia and beyond over the past few years. Anthony, as the serial entrepreneur, tech influencer and value maker himself, started the NFT Investment and Venture in July 2021 – aspiring to link Asia blockchain projects with all potential blockchain entrepreneurs and organizations together, to build up a border-less worldwide blockchain community for information sharing and mutual business development. NFTIV not only fosters technology future stars, but also incubates creativity across industries and relevant talents – entertainers, content creators, musicians, illustrators, artists, movie makers, and such.

“Partnering with NFTIV to build the first NFT Lab in Hong Kong – and arguably in Asia – we provide opportunities for the students to explore a new market of intellectual properties of their own work using NFT technologies, especially for students in the design and creativity disciplines. We want to ensure that the students are equipped with the competitive vanguard of the emerging Blockchain technologies and its broad application,” said Professor Leslie Chen, Dean of Faculty of Design and Environment of THEi. “Together, working collaboratively as one team, we will unlock and expand the technology potentials of our students on the best path for success in the new landscape of Blockchain and NFT technologies.”

As an indication of commitment to the partnership, NFTIV and THEi have signed the Strategic Partnership MoU. Additionally, THEi will become the host of the THEi NFT Lab and NFTIV will provide internship opportunities for THEi students, providing real-life experience to apply what they have learned.

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