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Blockchain-based metaverse Upland and Spirit HalloweenNorth America’s largest Halloween retailer, today announced a new partnership centered around unique, Halloween-themed NFTs featuring some of Spirit Halloween’s most iconic characters, including their infamous mascot Jack the Reaper. The partnership will kick off with an exclusive sale of Spirit Halloween-themed game pieces called Block Explorers. Following this launch, Spirit Halloween will take over the Upland metaverse with Halloween-themed Spirit Halloween NFT Bundles featuring spooky in-game decorations, more terrifying Block Explorers, and exclusive Upland Legits, a new generation of unique, interactive NFTs.

“With the Halloween season approaching, Spirit Halloween is a natural partner for us,” said Dirk Lueth, Co-founder of Upland. “I’m especially excited about the inclusion of Legits in our partnership. Legits incorporate stunning 3D designs and are optimized for a mobile experience. In addition, these new NFTs offer an added layer of gamification that die-hard Spirit Halloween fans will want to collect, trade, and showcase, including an increased level of interactivity that fans can’t resist.”

Upland is one of the fastest growing blockchain platforms in the world. The blockchain-powered virtual metaverse maps onto the real world, offering players true ownership of digital property NFTs based on real addresses that they can buy, trade, and sell through an open marketplace. In addition, fans can play from anywhere in the world.

“As the leader in all things Halloween, it only makes sense for us to be the first retailer to haunt up the Upland metaverse,” said Kym Sarkos, Spirit Halloween Executive Vice President. “Our fans are the best on the planet, and now they will be the best in the metaverse as well! We can’t wait to hear what they think about these new cutting-edge NFT collectibles.”

The partnership will roll out in multiple phases over the Halloween season, beginning with a Spirit Halloween Block Explorer sale on October 18, 2021, prior to a full launch of Spirit Halloween NFT bundles launch on October 25, 2021, exclusively in the Upland metaverse. Sign up for updates about this exciting partnership and launch by visiting https://upland.me/spirithalloween.

For the inside scoop on all things Halloween, follow @SpiritHalloween on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Visit SpiritHalloween.com, where die-hard Halloween fans can shop anytime, anywhere, every day of the year.

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