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Origin Protocol (OGN), the leading platform where top creators launch their NFTs, announced today their integration with Polygon to overcome scaling issues and offer mainstream NFTs to the masses.

Origin Protocol’s NFT Launchpad is best known for its record-breaking NFT drops, Including those from high calibre celebrities and brands such as Paris Hilton, 3LAU, and Rolling Stone. 

The team has long made mainstream adoption of NFT’s a core tenet of theirs, leading to a community governance vote to support Polygon as the Platform’s first alternative to Ethereum’s costly minting and transfer fees.

“Today, NFTs are rapidly trading on Origin and other platforms, generating nearly $3B of sales this month alone. However, the number of NFT creators and buyers still numbers in the hundreds of thousands. As an industry, there’s still a long way to go before NFTs penetrate mainstream audiences. To get there, NFTs need to be cheaper and more accessible to the average user that may be relatively new to crypto,” said Origin Protocol co-founder Matthew Liu, who was the third product manager at YouTube.

As one of the leading NFT platforms, Origin has had the privilege of working with numerous high-profile creators, including Paris Hilton who recently joined them as an investor and advisor.

A common theme for mainstream brands making the foray into NFTs has been their desire to sell NFT’s at more accessible price points for their mainstream audiences. The amount average consumers are willing to spend on NFTs can be up to ten times less than what it costs to mint a single NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

By integrating with Polygon, Origin’s creators will now have access to a fast, efficient, scalable, and environmentally-friendly solution that can mint NFTs at a cost of one cent or less, and secure them with compressed batches on Ethereum’s main chain.

Now, artists who want to offer affordable NFTs to their fans will be able to do so using the Origin NFT Launchpad and marketplace. This includes creating NFT tickets, access passes, and other utility-driven use-cases that have until now been economically unfeasible on Ethereum’s main chain.

“We’re delighted to enable Polygon-based NFTs across the entire Origin platform, providing users with the opportunity to mint NFTs that are both inexpensive and environmentally sustainable,” said Shreyansh Singh, Head of Polygon Studios.

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