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HSBlox, a technology company bringing innovation and transparent economics to the healthcare ecosystem, today announced Release 3.0 of its CureAlign™ platform. CureAlign enables healthcare organizations to administer value-based programs, including network build-out, contract administration, permissioned data exchange and payment.

As the shift to value-based care (VBC) continues to gain momentum, data capture and exchange are key components of realizing the promise of VBC and the move to whole-person precision health. “Real-time data sharing and value-based payment models are vital to improving care and containing cost,” said Lynn Carroll, chief operating officer of HSBlox.

IBM Watson Health recently noted five capabilities (Value-based care and downside risk) that healthcare organizations need to succeed in VBC, including the incorporation of community-based organizations and data capture for community-specific needs and health equity.

The shift to home and community-based care requires alignment between traditional medical service delivery and non-medical home and community services. CureAlign supports the logistics of service delivery, invoicing, and compensation, as well as data capture and exchange. With 70% to 80% of healthcare data in unstructured form, data capture from home and community-based stakeholders is an imperative for risk-stratification and care management.

CureAlign enables onboarding of the required hierarchical relationships associated with risk-bearing contracts and the required payment models. Risk-sharing arrangements and payment disbursement are easily managed and scaled on the platform – where legacy systems and traditional approaches have failed.

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