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While Curtis James Jackson III a.k.a. 50 Cent may be known for making millions on hip-hop/rap music and cryptocurrency, he is also proficient in sports betting. These are our picks for 50 Cent’s biggest bets, winnings, losses and stories related to his gambling habits of all time.

  1. New York Giants Bettings

In 2012, he reportedly dropped $500,000 on sports Championship wager between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants. Hailing from the Big Apple himself, it’s only natural that 50 Cent is a fan of New York’s very own Giants.

But what did he do next? Renegaded on the deal and bet it on the Giants all over again, of course. Following his luck gambling on the Giants en route to Super Bowl XLVI it appears he splashed a full million on them winning the showpiece game. They duly obliged with a 21-17 victory, leaving Fifty laughing “straight to the bank” to quote his own song.

  1. Getting Out Of a Million Dollar Betting Debt Without Spending Money

Webster Gradney Jr., better known by his stage name Webbie, walked to the ring for the boxing matchup between Terence Crawford and Yuriorkis Gamboa, and bumped into 50 Cent. He claims that he issued a $1 million wager whilst in the ring – but that he never received his winnings after Crawford won the bout. When 50 Cent’s sports management team SMS Promotions were contacted for comment, they claimed to have heard nothing of the sort. Whilst there is no questioning 50’s allegiance – he was there managing Gamboa – we’re not too sure we believe Webbie on this one. Whilst Fiddy definitely loves a gamble we’re not sure he’d spontaneously slap down a full million in the spur of the moment.

  1. Getting His Debts Back with Social Media

It is so natural that big players not only have big debts, they also have large debtors. Randall Emmett is best known as an American television and film producer. 50 publicly called Emmett out on Instagram over a $1 million debt from about six years ago. The million dollar debt stemmed from Emmett’s involvement in his Cheetah Vision films company, and that the money Emmett owed him was well overdue from a business expense. 50 shared that $250,000 of what was owed was paid over the weekend. 50 Cent continued his barrage with seven Instagram posts in just a few hours to his 23 million subscribers. According to himself, he was paid right away.

  1. Accidental Bitcoin Millionaire

And finally, some people are really lucky with their investments. To be more precise – with their forgotten investments. One of those lucky bastards is our hero, Mr. Curtis James Jackson III. He simply let fans purchase his album “Animal Ambition” for just a fraction of a Bitcoin in 2014, when its price hovered around 601.3 eur, with the rapper making 700 Bitcoin from sales.

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