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The Blue Circle, the leading renewable energy company in Southeast Asia, identifies, develops, finances, and operates renewable energy projects in geographical areas throughout the Asia-Pacific region. As part of its contract with The Blue Circle, WPO will now provide data management services for the Dai Phong wind farm located in the Bình Thuận province in Southeast Vietnam.

The Dai Phong wind farm, with a total capacity of 42 MW, includes ten Vestas V150-4.2 wind turbines. These turbines, with blades as tall as 27 storeys building, are first of their kind in Asia and to be connected onto WPO’s systems.

Thanks to its expertise, WPO supports The Blue Circle in its commitment to building responsible and sustainable projects not only using the most advanced turbines but also the most advanced tracing technologies such as Blockchain.

Olivier Duguet, founder and CEO of The Blue Circle, comments: “We are looking forward to working with WPO and support their expansion in Southeast Asia. Their expertise and range of services will be a great asset for managing the performance of our wind power site in Bình Thuận. As The Blue Circle is rolling out construction of its pipeline of projects, we need reliable and experienced partners such as WPO”.

The first step in WPO’s regional development

European leader in its sector, WPO is now diversifying into new territories including Asia and more specifically South-East Asia. With its expertise, WPO hopes to develop its activities in the region, especially after the GreenToken Public Offering timely launched on the 8th of September.

“Our company has been growing steadily for more than a decade in a particularly fast-growing European market. Asia is our next target on which we place a lot of hope, I am convinced that our unique know-how will allow us to further develop our presence here. Given the growth of installed wind power capacity forecasted for the region, we are particularly excited by the prospects of this first contract”, adds Barthélémy Rouer, CEO of WPO.

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