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BizClik Media announced today the launch of the August edition of FinTech Magazine.

It takes a tremendous amount of time, dedication and effort for a company to perform at the top of its game in the financial services world; it’s a distinction that only a handful achieve, yet there are some capable of taking it a step even further and actually reinventing an aspect of the industry.

Conor Fennelly, Founder and CEO of LEVERIS, spoke with us and explained how his company accomplished just that: a reimagining of the banking experience through technology. A highly experienced tech entrepreneur whose resume includes a 20-year stint in Silicon Valley, Fennelly’s background reflects a long-term focus on innovation and deep insight into how to run a high-growth startup. Reflecting on LEVERIS’ mission to correct problems in the banking sector, he says, “it’s not so much a case of banks failing their customers, but more a case of technology failing banks. The systemic problems facing banks can be addressed almost entirely via technology.”

In addition, we also got to speak with other tech innovators around the world, including Absa Group and Atom Bank.

For our Top 10 this month we pay tribute to some of the most influential women in global FinTech. With a range of backgrounds, career experience and industry focuses, they are a reminder that success in this fascinating industry takes many forms.

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