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OCB Life, a Singapore-based technology company powered by 3.0 blockchain technology, has launched the OCB Wallet on the Android platform, while the IOS version will be launched soon in August.

OCB Life will soon add a debit card feature so that users can withdraw cash at an ATM, or pay a bill, or buy a meal, or cover for an emergency, everywhere that a debit card is accepted — making it the ideal travel companion. All the user has to do is to scan the QR code to top up the debit card. This convenient and user-friendly debit card feature is expected to be available in Asian markets by Quarter 3 next year, and will be rolled out to other regions later on.

OCB Life wants to help change the life of its investors, members, users, as well as the society in the true spirit of the slogan “Change My Life”.

That is why OCB Life focuses on developing innovative applications across multiple industries to help users “Change My Life” through the power of new technology.

At the same time, OCB Life organizes networking events and participate in CSR activities — to help people “Change My Life”. In particular, OCB Life has supported VND 900 million (equivalent to USD 38,800) to the “Trans-Vietnam Charity Run” organized by Operations Smile Vietnam and Vietnam Ekiden. The amount contributed by OCB Life will be utilized to fund 100 surgeries for children born with cleft lip or cleft palate.

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