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Maxonrow is excited to share our native coin, MXW, listing on its second exchange, GRXTrade. GRXTrade, powered by Growdex, describes itself as a crypto exchange platform that delivers more than just the standard product features of a trading platform by reimagining digital asset management. GRXTrade uses MAX-Wallet and CipherTrace to enhance security and harness the power of blockchain to incubate B2G projects that bridge fintech to traditional finance with innovative financial instruments that are poised to disrupt digital economies, serving emerging economies globally.

A Unique Opportunity to Win 10 MXW

GRXTrade and Maxonrow are celebrating the beginning of their partnership by awarding the first 10,000 users who register on GRXTrade using MAX-Register, a new function in MAX-Wallet, and refer one friend, 10 MXW.

“We are looking forward to our users discovering the benefits of our technologies. Our affiliate program generates perpetual, passive income from referrals and followers, up to four levels, with the potential to earn a lucrative percentage of up to 40% of smart income. GRXTrade is both user-friendly and user-focused and offers one of the lowest market trading fees, going as low as 0.04% and having the most sought-after trading pairs.” said Ryan Fellal, CEO of GRXTrade.

GRXTrade is the First Stop for MXW in 2020

After a successful listing of the MXW with the Kucoin Exchange, Maxonrow is ready to take its coin to more exchanges. GRXTrade is not only the second exchange MXW will be listed on but also an exchange that will adopt MAX-Wallet’s latest function, MAX-Register for simple sign-up and login. It’s Maxonrow’s answer to the plight.

“GRXTrade adopts MAX-Wallet – our native mobile app that uses our proprietary real-name Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification systems. Our KYC process provides an added layer of protection as we have incorporated constant end-to-end security enhancements to improve auditing processes and to reduce “surface hacking” of our infrastructure.” said Carlo Chung, Maxonrow’s CTO.

“We are pleased to be using the MAX-Register feature of MAX-Wallet because it solves a long time pain point in the finance industry. Intuitively connecting your financial apps is a must and a key advantage of MAX-Wallet. This implementation will on top of providing good user experience, also aids in reducing our operational costs.” added Ryan Fellal, GRXTrade CEO.

The MXW coin will begin trading in GRXTrade starting March 6th, 2020. You can find out more about Maxonrow, its products and upcoming releases by visiting their website or interacting with their team directly on the official Telegram channel.


SOURCE Maxonrow

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