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TokenSoft, a leading security token issuance and asset servicing platform, announced it is launching TokenSoft Investment Accounts as a technology solution providing self-managed wallets for investors in security tokens.

“We’re excited to bring a multi-signature wallet security packaged in a self-controlled, easy to manage brokerage-style experience to the over 100,000 investors using our platform,” said Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft.

Many of the existing storage solutions for investors are designed for general applications with inadequate cybersecurity measures and are complicated to use.

Investment Accounts provided by TokenSoft gives issuers and their investors:

  • Native, brokerage-style experience for prospective investors
  • Seamless access to dividend distributions and automated reinvestment opportunities
  • Multi-signature key model used by wallets holding over $1 billion in asset
  • Supports compliant security token standards such as ERC-1404 for Ethereum and FA1.2 for Tezos
  • Integrated reporting for Issuers delivering financials and other disclosures to investors

“The ability for non-technical individuals to self-custody is going to change the way assets under management models work in traditional finance. Wallets like TokenSoft Investment Accounts will put pressure on financial institutions to provide better client servicing, value-add services, and investment management tools to earn investors’ business,” said Jordan Davis, VP of Business Development at TokenSoft. “People will be able to add or remove service providers from accessing their assets the same way you can add or remove profiles from your Netflix subscription.”

Financial Institutions and Issuers wishing to offer self-managed investment accounts to their investors may contact us at tokensoft.io.

Investors interested in a TokenSoft Investment Account can request early access at https://tokensoft.io/investors.

TokenSoft is a leading platform for issuers and investors in security tokens and other financial assets on blockchains. From financial institutions to IPOs, our technology supports the full lifecycle of a security including investor onboarding, distribution, custody, and ongoing asset servicing.


One LinerTokenSoft Investment Accounts enables the everyday investor to manage and self custody their security tokens with a traditional brokerage-style experience.

Who should care about TokenSoft Investment Accounts
TokenSoft Investment Accounts are a value add to issuers of security tokens seeking to offer a technology solution that provides a simple and intuitive investment experience to their investors. TokenSoft Investment Accounts provides a seamless experience where investors can manage their investments, receive dividends, and monitor key market data relating to their investments.

How does TokenSoft Investment Accounts integrate with TokenSoft’s affiliates?
TokenSoft Investment Accounts enable investors to directly manage and control their investments natively in the TokenSoft platform using a self-controlled, multi-signature wallet.

What can TokenSoft Investment Accounts hold?
TokenSoft Investment Accounts can hold any blockchain-enabled security whether it represents an interest in equity, debt, real estate, or a fund.

Who can use TokenSoft Investment Accounts?
TokenSoft Investment Accounts is a technology solution available to individuals or entities. Investor onboarding procedures may be required.

Who controls the security tokens and funds in my TokenSoft Investment Account? Each investor directly controls his or her individual TokenSoft Investment Account and the custody of any assets placed there. This includes ownership of the majority of the private keys of your Investment Account wallet. TokenSoft uses advanced encryption tools to deliver the security of a multi-signature wallet in a browser-like login experience.

Why did you launch TokenSoft Investment Accounts?
We started TokenSoft to build infrastructure for blockchain-based securities first issuers and now for investors. We’re excited to roll out a self-controlled, traditional, brokerage-style experience to security token investors.

How much does TokenSoft Investment Account cost?  
TokenSoft Investment Accounts is free for investors and is included in TokenSoft’s issuance platform for Issuers.

Do I need to pay any blockchain network fees TokenSoft Investment Account wallet? No, TokenSoft pays for the network fees for your TokenSoft Investment Account.

What assets does my TokenSoft Investment Account support?
All TokenSoft customers’ security tokens will be supported by TokenSoft Investment Accounts at launch and other security tokens will be added over time. At launch, we will only support the assets listed in the TokenSoft Investment Accounts and we will be regularly adding new assets based on issuer and investor demand.

SOURCE TokenSoft, Inc.

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