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The Wealth and Society Summit 2019 hosted by the Asian Banker was held in Shanghai on December 6th. Chairman of the Asian Banker Mr. Emmanuel Daniel, managing director of Rockefeller Capital Management Mr. Guy Dietrich, professor of Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance Mr. Wu Fei and other experts and academics attended this summit.

Phoenix Finance is a comprehensive intelligent financial service platform established by Phoenix TV Group for global Chinese. The Asian Banker presented the award “Digital Wealth Management Service of the Year in China” to Phoenix Finance for its excellence achievements in products and services, technological empowerment, social impacts and other aspects in the field of wealth management.

The Global Wealth and Society Awards are known as the “Oscar in Finance” and “Digital Wealth Management Service of the Year in China” is the only award in digital wealth management area. Stringent evaluation rules with highest international standards are followed by the Asian Banker under the Global Wealth and Society Awards programme. The Wealth and Society and the International Advisory Council evaluated institutions’ products and services, social influence, staff skills, technology and efficiency, value of franchise, financial performance and achievements in the year. Phoenix Finance successfully undergone these stringent evaluations and became the only winner of this award not only for its innovation and development in digital wealth management services but also for its outstanding comprehensive strength.

Mr. Vince Zhang, president of Phoenix Finance, and Mr. Bo Liang, general manager of the Wealth Management Center of Phoenix Finance attended the summit. Mr. Zhang gave a keynote speech and participated in a round-table discussion entitled “Wealth and technology: opportunities and prospects”. He said that China will become the largest market with per capita investable assets exceeding two trillion yuan by 2020, and most high-net-wealth users will choose mobile applications for wealth management, which provides the important development base for China’s intelligent wealth management.

According to the official profile from Phoenix Finance, its main target user group is emerging wealthy group whose investable assets are between 300,000 to 10 million yuanPhoenix Finance has formed a blueprint in intelligent finance field since 2015. And up to now, it has successfully established a set of cutting-edge Fintech-based intelligent technological architecture with the implement of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other high technologies. In its wealth management business, in order to provide users customized wealth management services, Phoenix Finance has produced many application-level products and services such as smart wealth management product “Phoenix Accurate”, fully-automatic trading strategy product “Magic Mirror Robo-advisor”, and intelligent news analysis engine “Fengming Intelligent Information”. All these products and services have greatly improved the company’s service efficiency as well.

Wealth management business of Phoenix Finance adopts the Internet-led online marketing and servicing model and provides offline services to perfect the online ones. Meanwhile, it establishes “life-cycle value management system”and sets up “Prestige Club” to meet users’ demands at different wealth management processes with various products and portfolios.

Except from an honor for Phoenix Finance to win this award, it also indicates the Asian bankers’ prediction on development trend of digital wealth management and recognition and appreciation of representative institution’s innovation value. In the future, competition in the wealth management market will be fiercer, and investors’ demands will be more diverse, so technology and services will be the decisive winning point in the competition between wealth management institutions.

SOURCE Phoenix Finance

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