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On November 22, Wemade Tree, a subsidiary company of Wemade Co., Ltd., as its flagship blockchain gaming services arm, held a press conference announcing the launch of blockchain-based gaming platform “WEMIX Network”.

WEMIX Network is a platform for gaming dApps providing users with wallets and marketplace for digital assets (fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens). WEMIX Network envisions to nurture a blockchain gaming ecosystem with users’ “experiential value” at core, while existing blockchain gaming projects are focused on asset transfer.

Wemade Co., Ltd. is a gaming company serving the market globally for more than 20 years and publicly traded at Kosdaq (Korea Stock Exchange). The company holds more than 40 renowned game IPs including ChuanQi, the legendary triple A game in China, reaching over 500 million users.

Over the past 2 years, the company has designed and developed the infrastructure layer to address inherent issues in public blockchain of scalability and transaction fee. Tuned to the nature of gaming services handling millions of simultaneous users, gaming services will run on the private chain built in-house. Digital asset transfer among users will be executed on bridge chain. Once all blockchain transactions are recorded at the network’s block, they can be reviewed at the explorer, “WEMIX Scanner”. WEMIX Network’s platform token will be traded on public blockchain as an anchor currency.

Emphasizing User experience (UX) as one the most important drivers for mass adoption, WEMIX Network allows users to sign in with Google authentication. With a simple 2 step sign-in, users can start playing games while existing blockchain games require users to go through more than 10 procedures such as wallet download, private key generation, crypto purchase, etc.

With these features, WEMIX Network is set to go live in December. Quality of games, however, is what really sets WEMIX Network apart as a promising blockchain gaming platform. Wemade Tree announced 8 Wemade IP game titles for year 2020 which have millions of downloads combined, worldwide with more addition to be confirmed.

Getting a head start with 550 million gaming users from Wemade games, the company will release its in-house clicker Role Playing Game (RPG) titled “Cryptornado for WEMIX”. Followed by, Chuanqi H5 for WEMIX, Windrunner for WEMIX, Candy Pang for WEMIX, Everytown for WEMIX, My Secret Bistro for WEMIX, Touch Fighter for WEMIX, and Chuanqi Mobile for WEMIX.

“Every Wemade IP game that will be reborn into WEMIX Network’s game has a notable record of at least a few millions to over 10 million downloads,” said Shane Kim, CEO of Wemade Tree. “These quality games and low entry barrier of the WEMIX Network will enable mass adoption of blockchain games which have not been successful yet.”


SOURCE Wemade Tree

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