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CoinAll, the world’s leading digital asset exchange, has announced it will launch TEN spot trading (USDT market) from 17:00 NOV 21st (HKT). TEN deposit will be available from 16:00 NOV 20th (HKT), and withdrawal will be open from 16:00 NOV 22nd (HKT).

Tokenomy is a digital asset platform where users can manage, trade, invest, create, and distribute cryptocurrencies and other blockchain tokens. An innovation arm of INDODAX, Tokenomy provides research and development of new blockchain projects to explore practical solutions for the digital future. Also, by having a shared login with INDODAX, the largest digital asset exchange in Southeast Asia, Tokenomy has access to more than 1.7 million community members. According to their whitepaper, Tokenomy Launchpad is established to allow companies and organizations to distribute & exchange their tokens, including proposal, marketing, tokenization, pre-sale and market exchange.

CoinAll, a strategic partner of the world-class exchange OKEx, is a leading digital asset exchange in the industry. Sharing the advanced security system, 24-hour global customer support, as well as a 20-million user base of OKEx, CoinAll is dedicated to offering the most premium digital asset trading experience to all users.


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