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Blockchain has proven to be more than just a hype with a survey suggesting that as much as 10 percent of the global GDP could be stored on blockchain by 2025. Riding on this trend, UK technology company Unicorn is aiming to use its technology to further promote blockchain to different industries.

“Unicorn’s technology will be an innovative step into Industry 4.0 and we will create a blockchain technology revolution that will comprehensively bring a positive impact to all areas and businesses in countries that Unicorn is targeting.” Said Kim Waddoup, CEO of Unicorn.

Unicorn Surf: A secure and speedy network

At the core of Unicorn’s business is the Unicorn Surf network which is operated by blockchain technology. The network is split into two to optimize speed and ensure the highest level of security. It is regularly upgraded to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. To optimize speed, Unicorn also applies data stratification to ensure data remains secure while transferring at top speed. For example, if data hasn’t been processed within two to three seconds, Unicorn’s second network will join into accelerate the processing speed.

To adopt smart contracts to industries beyond finance, Unicorn is utilizing the Hybrid Smart Contract with fundamental technical solutions to adapt various economic activities.

Unicorn provides blockchain education

Apart from providing blockchain technology services, Unicorn also strives to further promote this blooming technology. To each region Unicorn expands its operations to, the company will establish a legal entity or form a cooperation with local partners to support and research the use of blockchain technology. At the same time, the team will enhance the community education of this technology.

Unicorn helps businesses adapt to blockchain technology

For businesses, Unicorn provides the Business Gateway solution which enables easy connectivity for enterprises when accessing a blockchain technology platform. This also helps businesses handle operations such as raising capital, issuing bonds and stocks, marketing campaigns, managing human resources, and operating production processes.

Unic Brain is the first artificial intelligence platform built on blockchain technology used for education and training development. Automatically solving complex business models, this platform is expected to create core changes in this technology over the next decades and rival Google.

Unic Chain, meanwhile, is a global ecosystem of traditional businesses that applies blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to their operation model. Unicorn partners with different technology companies and online platforms to offer one-stop solution to clients. The partners include:

  • Google for using the processing system of map data
  • Facebook for processing the users’ data
  • Booking.com to learn about travel habits and behaviors
  • Grab for shipping operations in different countries
  • Ones-mart.net which is a startup that creates an e-commerce supermarket chain between buyers and sellers around the world

Unicorn provides the highest level of security

To ensure safe and reliable storage and transfer of data, Unicorn utilizes the ID Verify Platform which provides multi-domain traceability and requires authentication by a third-party network. In the e-commerce industry, this system is used to verify sellers’ data to determine they are real and trustworthy. In addition, all transactions are recorded for the buyer community to evaluate the sellers. This ID Verify Platform is also utilized to reduce other complex verification procedures.

Looking forward, Unicorn is looking to unveil the technical whitepaper of Unicorn Surf in November. Unicorn Fintech Company in the United Kingdom is responsible for promoting the company’s technology worldwide.

In August 2020, the Unic Traceverify, an origin traceability platform will be launched. Targeting the commerce and agriculture sectors, this platform will provide transparency in product origin and transactions.


SOURCE Unicorn

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