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CoinBurp (https://www.coinburp.com/), a UK based cryptocurrency trading platform which launched in May 2019 continues to grow through website expansion and increased trading options. A platform which allows retail investors to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, and Ethereum with British Pound Sterling via a simple 3 step process.

Tom Allison, CoinBurp UX Lead commented:

“Over the past year, the CoinBurp team has been committed to a UX-led product development process. Unlike the majority of our competitors, who come from trading or banking backgrounds, we’ve employed an end-to-end user-centred design approach to produce a uniquely user-friendly trading platform that’s revolutionising the way people buy and sell cryptocurrency.”

Now, CoinBurp becomes available to a wider audience by adding Euro to an ever-growing list of currencies on offer.

CoinBurp has partnered up with the BCB Group (https://bcbgroup.io/) who are a regulated financial service enterprise and the UK’s fastest-growing OTC trading desk. BCB Group aims to deliver robust, scalable and professional market infrastructure for digital asset markets including cryptocurrencies and other blockchain tokens. BCB Group’s partnership with CoinBurp brings a flawless level of customer service backed by its powerful technology aiding development in this digital market.

Peter Wood, CoinBurp CEO and Co-Founder added:

“In our mission to bring cryptocurrency to the masses, it has naturally drawn us to offer additional fiat currencies to deposit, trade and withdrawal, in this case, Euros. By securing a banking relationship with an industry figurehead like BCB Group, it shows their belief in the ecosystem we are building here at CoinBurp.”

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, BCB Group Founder and CEO, commented further by saying:

“CoinBurp is a fresh-faced modern solution to a thorny modern problem: How to service the growing demand of armchair crypto traders in a way that is intuitive, informed, responsible and robust. At BCB we’re committed to making sure CoinBurp can deliver on its promises of fast and safe settlement and are ready to support CoinBurp in more currencies as they continue to grow.”

Both BCB Group and CoinBurp continue to thrive in the heavily backed and funded Fintech Capital of EuropeLondon. Both companies identify innovation as the key for survival in a highly competitive environment, and with CoinBurp continuously adding currencies such as the Euro coupled with an above-industry level of service – longevity is without a doubt, rife in both companies.



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