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With the beta launch of its highly anticipated B2B international trade hub, Export Portal is welcoming trade professionals from the EU and Russia to their expert panel, EP+, as Country Ambassadors.

EP+ is an innovative approach that supplies SMEs with everything they need to trade internationally in Russia and the EU. Export Portal has taken a new approach on how SMEs trade to battle the unique issues they face, such as trade wars and difficulty digitizing. EP+ is a global network that provides support to their local SMEs and understands their difficulties.

Participants have a number of benefits to look forward to, including income-based commission, voicing the trade and commerce needs of their country, and helping SMEs in their country go global. On EP+, members have the ability to support economy growth and SMEs in their countries.

“With EP+, trade professionals can not only help international trade in the EU and Russia at a grassroots level, but they have a first-hand part in the latest technology in their industry,” said Ally Spinu, CEO of Export Portal. “Country Ambassadors on EP+ have the ability to influence the import/export eCommerce revolution happening on Export Portal, both locally and globally.”

For those interested in learning more about this opportunity and signing up as a Country Ambassador on Export Portal, please visit this page: https://www.exportportal.com/landing/country_ambassador.


SOURCE Export Portal

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