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Taiwan’s leading trade show featuring agriculture, aquaculture and livestock manufacturing technologies and total solutions, Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum, organized by Informa Markets, is the most professional and comprehensive B2B trade show. Themed ‘innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable’, the 3rd edition of Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum, Aquaculture Taiwan & Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum will be launched at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from October 31 to Nov 2, 2019. There will be 300 suppliers hailing from 25 countries showcasing the latest products onsite.

Extensive Display of Innovative Products

I. Function resistance to adversity

The local authority, ‘Council of Agriculture’ (COA), guided seeds manufacturers to improve F1 hybrid seed collecting techniques that resulted in superior harvest performance of cruciferous vegetables, watermelons and cherry tomatoes. The featured vegetable and fruit seeds and seedlings emphasize on the function of heat-, disease-, moisture-, and drought-resistant and tolerant at the pavilion of Taiwan Seed Varieties and provide sustainable solutions for environment, food crises and food safety.

II. Livestock red ocean trade

This year, ‘Biogas Power Pavilion’ will be deployed in the livestock area to introduce biogas desulfurization and purification equipment that meet Southeast Asia countries’ market demands and government renewable energy policies. The conference theme ‘Animal Waste Management’, hosted by ‘Industrial Technology Research Institute’ will be presented by a group of stakeholders and industrial players.

Poultry equipment is another prime focus. Nabel egg grading and packing systems are capable of inspecting microcracks at the surface of egg shells. The wide range of capacity from 10,000 to 240,000 eggs per hour is assured, said Nabel. Other featured brands such as Skov, Kyowa, Sanovo and Kutlusan will also display the latest and complete spec of poultry equipment.


SOURCE Informa Markets (UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch)

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