U.K. tour coach operator, The Travellers Choice, has renewed its contract through 2022 with leading machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics provider Lytx®, to provide analytics, safety and productivity solutions for The Travellers Choice fleet.

The Travellers Choice head office, based in northwest England with depots in Carnforth, Dalton-in-Furness, and London, has been using Lytx DriveCam® Event Recorders since 2016. Lytx won the new contract after a retendering process during which The Travellers Choice assessed other technology suppliers in the U.K. market. The renewed agreement is a testament to the collaborative relationship the two companies have had and will continue to have in the future.

“Lytx video telematics technology has helped us hold our drivers to the highest standards of safety,” said Peter Butterfield, commercial and compliance manager for The Travellers Choice. “After reassessing the market, we realised how important the objective event behaviour review that Lytx provides is to us. With other suppliers, we saw we would have too much video data to manage – the alternative solutions would reduce our operational efficiency, and limit our ability to proactively engage with drivers. With Lytx we saw an opportunity to not only deploy the industry’s leading technology, but to re-energise our drivers around the coaching programme and our commitment to safety.”

In the past year, the tour coach operator achieved:

  • 25% reduction in late response incidents
  • 46% reduction in insufficient braking distance incidents
  • 12% reduction in overall risk severity

These results are all the more notable because they build on already remarkable safety improvements made during the first two years the company worked with Lytx.

Outstanding Ease of Use

Peter is particularly impressed with Lytx’s new user interface. He says one recent incident underscored its exceptional ease of use.

“One of our vehicles was travelling up through Wales and a seven-and-a-half-tonne truck was on the wrong side of the road, hit our mirror, and broke the glass on the side of the vehicle,” Peter said.

“Through the 100-hour replay I was able to download the images, find the company responsible, ring them up, and they paid for the repairs. It was just so simple.”

“I’ve worked with several telematics systems before,” said Peter, “But though they give you a partial picture of what’s happened and some insight into drivers’ driving standards, you don’t get the full picture until you see the video. With video you’re actually there and seeing what they’ve seen and what they’ve done. Lytx is just so much better than a standard telematics system. It helps keep our drivers and customers safe and makes the job of investigation much easier.”

Peter says his drivers have come to see the value of the system. “We’ve taken care to speak with them one to one. They understand that it’s there for their safety, the safety of the customers, and the safety of everyone else around them.”

“We see incidents as an opportunity to learn, to become better at what we do, to be ever safer while we work. I’ve actually been promoting Lytx to other businesses. It’s an excellent tool to have and I strongly advise using it.”