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Xpeng Motors kicked off the delivery of its Xpeng G3 2020 Edition EV at the Chengdu Motor Show today, less than two months after the launch of this new enhanced high-performance version of its G3 SUV series.

“The delivery of the G3 2020 marks another milestone for the best-selling G3 series. We are very glad to showcase the latest model in the series at the Chengdu Motor Show,” said Henry Xia, Co-founder and Vice President of Xpeng Motors, hosting the delivery ceremony.

“Building on the success of the G3 2019 – already welcomed for its smart features tailored for China’s road conditions and driving habits – the new G3 2020 Edition addresses customer demand for longer driving range and other enhancements. We are excited to start delivery of the G3 2020 in Chengdu, the gateway to Southwest China, where we recently opened five experience and service centers. We are confident it will set new benchmarks for customer satisfaction,” he added.

The G3 2019 model is already China’s most popular EV by the number of sales as well as vehicles insured for an individual model from a new carmaker for January-July 2019, according to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

The G3 2020 model has an extended 520 km NEDC range, giving it the longest range of any compact EV SUV in its class. The premium version (G3 520) is powered by a new-generation lithium-ion CATL battery and has an energy density of 180 Wh/kg, a breakthrough for China’s new EV brands. The battery pack achieves IP68 waterproof & dustproof rating, the highest by global industry standards.

The Xpeng G3 2020 Edition carries a newly upgraded version of XPILOT 2.5, Xpeng’s in-house auto OS specially developed for Chinese road conditions, with new features including TJA (Traffic Congestion Assist) and ICA (Intelligent Cruise Assist), enabling it to perform LCC (Lane Centering Control) functions under both urban driving and highway conditions.

The G3’s performance is continuously improved through over-the-air (OTA) upgrades. Its ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) function has accumulated 2,627,589 km of independent driving, AI voice assistant accessed by an average of 14,666 per day, while 40 new features have been added and over 200 functions optimized since its launch.

Also on show at the Chengdu Motor Show is the Xpeng P7, the advanced four-door coupe model. This design brings premium styling, superior driver-vehicle interaction and advanced L3 autonomous driving features to complement its performance, with 600+ km NEDC range.

The G3 SUV has been sold to over 200 Chinese cities and the company plans to open over 120 Xpeng retail stores by end 2019. The P7 coupe is scheduled for delivery through this network from spring 2020.