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TheGuarantors, a Fintech company providing innovative risk and financial solutions for the real estate ecosystem, announced the rollout of Guaranti⁠—their expanded program of multifamily products⁠—together with a rebranding and new website. This follows the launch of their office program, Securiti, which was announced earlier this year.

With their blend of expertise in real estate, risk and finance, TheGuarantors helps landlords, leasing staff, brokers, and tenants focus on leasing, without worrying too much about risk. TheGuarantors understands how hard it is to manage customer risk, while staying competitive and keeping upfront costs low for tenants. Guaranti is their solution. Designed for multifamily assets, Guaranti is a program of products and solutions built to optimize protection throughout the full renter lifecycle. This includes a Dynamic Lease Guarantee that insures landlords against tenant default, from as little as 3 months rent protection to the full value of the lease—the amount of coverage is calibrated to the landlord’s specifications. Guaranti also includes Security Deposit Add-On, as an alternative to the traditional cash deposit, to lower renter move-in costs. The result is a broader applicant pool, an easier qualification process, and more renters, with less risk.

In 2015, TheGuarantors launched with its flagship Lease Guarantee product, which helps previously unqualified and potentially risky renters gain access to apartments, while still protecting the landlord’s bottom line. The company quickly grew by providing a depth of underwriting knowledge, customer service, and technology to create a modern leasing experience for renters and landlords. The company has since rapidly evolved, utilizing data and a deep bench of risk, real estate, and finance expertise to offer customized programs for both the multifamily and office real estate space – all completely free for landlords.

“The market has changed drastically in just a few short years – what started as a way to help internationals get approved for apartments led to a goal of helping everyone in the real estate ecosystem achieve long term prosperity,” explains Julien Bonneveille, CEO and Founder of TheGuarantors. He continues, “for TheGuarantors, that has meant investing in risk analysis and in-depth underwriting, trusting our research to innovate beyond one-size-fits-all solutions, and developing new concepts such as Guaranti and Securiti, to provide more flexible options that evolve as the industry itself evolves.”

TheGuarantors’ new identity brings a bold new logo, design system, and website, reflecting the company’s dynamic thinking and solidifying the brand as approachable, experienced, and welcoming. With this rebrand, TheGuarantors places renewed emphasis on their mission, “To unlock opportunity and financial advantage for everyone involved in residential and commercial leasing.” TheGuarantors understands that the market is ever evolving and they aim to be a trusted partner for the long run.

Earlier this year, TheGuarantors announced $15 million in Series B funding, bringing their total amount raised to $27 million. A well-regarded and established force in the market—particularly in New York—TheGuarantors is rapidly expanding their national multifamily footprint with Guaranti. They have leveraged their expertise and relationships to serve the office market, as well, with their product Securiti, the smart office security deposit. Partners, clients and tenants will continue to see the exceptional service they’ve come to expect, but with additional customized solutions and a brand new look.


SOURCE TheGuarantors

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