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noHold has partnered with one of the longest standing financial institutions in the United States, and now almost 300 banks around the US are utilizing noHold’s Virtual Assistant technology to help their clients.

The Virtual Assistant supports customers of various banks that have questions about their services. For example, the Virtual Assistant can answer questions about refinancing, escrow, property taxes, etc. The unique aspect of the Virtual Assistant is its ability to provide customer specific data through an API connection. This includes answering questions such as, “What is my interest rate?”, “How much is my monthly payment?”, or “What is my principle balance remaining?”

On average, the Virtual Assistant helps over 5000 customers per month, and yields an answer rate of 90%. For questions the Virtual Assistant is not familiar with, an option for escalating to a live agent is provided.

“In the FinTech space, security is paramount. In the last 24 months, noHold has focused on getting security and compliance accreditations ranging from SOC2 to GDPR. Responsible personal information management is not only a legal responsibility, but a social one as well,” said Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold, Inc.


SOURCE noHold, Inc.

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