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Stratfor, the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, announces the launch of its proprietary Geopolitical Risk Monitor, or GRM.

Stratfor Worldview Enterprise clients can now gain direct insight into the full range of calls Stratfor analysts are making – as they unfold – and understand the analytical architecture underpinning each of those calls.

“There’s no other product like this in the marketplace,” said Stratfor President, Chip Harmon, “Stratfor is excited to showcase the innovative work our team is doing to accurately forecast and anticipate the world’s most complex geopolitical risks.”

“With time constraints and the pace of change facing all of our customers, we wanted to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for clients to understand the full intelligence picture our analysts are tracking,” said Ken Maranian, Stratfor’s Chief Product Officer. “The GRM does just that by giving clients unfettered access to all the calls we’re making; the most likely scenarios and plausible alternatives underlying each major call; and the key assumptions and main signposts our analysts are tracking across each geopolitical development. This new product will serve as both an information clearing-house for our clients as well as a platform for them to engage directly with our analysts.”

With the Geopolitical Risk Monitor, Enterprise clients can:

  • Navigate to all key geopolitical risk calls through the GRM portal. Risks are organized according to the key intelligence questions our analysts are focusing on for a given time period (i.e. next quarter or next year);
  • Examine the details of all ‘active’ calls the firm is making within a given calendar year. Each call not only includes a concise synopsis of a scenario, main alternatives, key assumptions and signposts, it also contains an ‘upcoming event tracker,’ curated news feed, and related content feed that links all current and foundational Stratfor analyses into an integrated intelligence picture for clients;
  • Understand the confidence levels our analysts are assigning to all of the scenarios included in the GRM. This allows clients to weigh the relative weight they might give to a certain risk, but also to facilitate an exchange with our analysts to identify points of agreement or disagreement on any given topic prior to making a decision on the basis of Stratfor’s risk assessments;
  • Explore the impact and implications of a given scenario across multiple industry sectors, as well as the broader geopolitical ramifications across other issues and domains.
  • Visualize the critical risks for our clients’ specific business enterprises.


SOURCE Stratfor