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FinTEx, a Chicago-based FinTech organization, announced today that Randy Rivera, creator of the FinTEx Forum and longtime Advisory Board member, will be elevated to Executive Director of the organization. Dara Tarkowski, the Co-Chair of the FinTEx Regulatory Special Interest Group, will serve as General Counsel.

Founded in 2014 by Jason Henrichs and Lisa Curran, FinTEx has been instrumental in the meteoric rise of Chicago as a FinTech hub, creating a community for major FinTech companies such as, Discover, Braviant Holdings, and M1 Finance.

Randy Rivera has spent nearly two decades leveraging his experience in financial services to support the acceleration of business ventures, most recently at BBVA Compass and JPMorgan Chase. He has been involved with FinTEx since its early stages and is now being appointed as its Executive Director, leading the organization’s plans for growth in Chicago’s emerging FinTech sector and beyond.

“The organization began as a conversation and has evolved into a community that represents the city’s best FinTech talent, energy and opportunity,” said Randy Rivera.

In 2017, Chicago premiered at #5 on Deloitte’s Global FinTech Hub ranking, the highest spot for a new entry. Building on the success of its founders and under Randy’s leadership, FinTEx looks to expand its community and cultivate a more global presence.

Jason Henrichs and Lisa Curran will be elevated to the roles of the co-chairpersons of the board, which will also be expanding.

“FinTEx plans to increase its impact on the industry and the tech scene in Chicago and beyond,” said Randy. “We will expand our offering to members, sponsors and community partners. Expect more curated content, newly focused special interest groups, legislative advocacy and increased member engagement.”

Dara Tarkowski, alongside her company Actuate Law, was elevated to General Counsel to help navigate the industry’s ever-evolving regulatory challenges.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such talented and hardworking thought leaders, innovators and the people making it happen in FinTech. Actuate Law is proud to support those efforts,” said Dara Tarkowski.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have an advocate like Dara working with the organization. She has been and will continue to be a tremendous resource to us and the entire FinTech community,” said Jason Henrichs.

FinTEx is dedicated to producing high quality content to build community, deliver further engagement, and continue to cultivate FinTech ecosystems.


SOURCE Actuate Law LLC

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