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Dataiku, one of the world’s leading Enterprise AI and machine learning platforms, concluded its third annual EGG NYC conference at Springs Studios in New York, successfully gathering more than 500 AI executives and team members to discuss trends and developments in AI. The one-day gathering – the largest EGG conference yet – drove forward topics most top-of-mind in the AI world including AI adoption, scalability, inclusivity, ethics and responsibility.

All of the sessions revolved around a common thread: the importance of the human in AI processes. The day underlined the concept that humans are critical to accelerating machine learning and artificial intelligence adoption to better empower business.

“We often see mortality as a weakness but when it comes to technology, it’s our strongest asset. As humans we see things differently; we have opinions; we process and interpret based on emotions. We feel; we touch; we have passions and fears. These human traits are what bring technologies to life – not the other way around. Technologies are merely the tools that empower humans to make better decisions,” Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku. “EGG NYC was a full day of engaging conversations and sessions that captured the spirit of the importance of human-centered AI and the power the human brings to technology. The ability to augment human intelligence will allow these emerging technologies to reach their true potential.”

EGG Conference Highlights Include:

  • 22 industry experts, who shared their insights and expertise into human-centered AI from leading brands like Morgan Stanley, GE, American Airlines, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Disney Parks & Resorts
  • A keynote by WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson on responding to the changing realm of digital culture
  • Insights on leading research in academic organizations such as MITSpelman College and Rutgers
  • Transformative ideas around the use of data for the betterment of humankind from not-for-profit organizations and the introduction of Dataiku’s global for-good initiative, Ikigai

Other Takeaways from the Experts:

  • AI maturity isn’t an endpoint or a fixed destination. It’s the growth of the technology and the seamless interaction of human intelligence with AI.
  • Human-lead education will be what makes or breaks the success of AI technologies. Only through continual education will the workforce be empowered to drive awareness and adoption to accelerate their workstreams with AI. Education will also combat unrealistic expectations.
  • The ability to provide unbiased recommendations within AI is a social responsibility that cannot be ignored.

The EGG Conferences theme of Human-Centered AI will continue at EGG London today, July 2, 2019, at Tobacco Dock. EGG will return to the US on November 20, 2019 in San Francisco.


SOURCE Dataiku Inc.

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