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Bright Minds Capital Partners (“BMCP”) has been launched today as the first evergreen fund specializing in early-stage investments in legal and data technology, focusing on AI, blockchain and big data management applications.

With leading legal tech expert Exigent as cornerstone investor, BMCP will provide not just capital, but also leadership and sector expertise to start-ups specializing in legal technology and services, data extraction, corporate data management, and optimization. Blockchain is also a key focus area: one of the first investments in the fund’s portfolio is Lexchain, an immigration compliance automation tool using the latest distributed blockchain ledger technology.

In an effort to improve the way data is used for corporate decision-making, the BMCP fund has been established by a seasoned group of legal strategists, data technologists, information architects and VC experts, including CEO David Holme, who, together with Nicola Stott, founded Exigent, a leading global alternative legal services provider, over 15 years ago. With an evergreen fund and the focus on the fundamentals of investment, the BMCP team will combine capital with legal, technology and financial expertise to support the development of technology that has true impact, longevity and tangible ROI.

“We seek to attract ‘Bright Minds’ who can turn the current digital revolution into commercial applications. Starting with data from the legal department and with the sky as the limit. Blockchain, smart contracts, data visualization, machine learning– if you can demonstrate ROI, we are interested and can help you achieve it,” said David Holme, Chairman of Bright Minds.

“We’re the bridge between angel investors and Private Equity. We don’t have a typical VC structure with an investment director who has no clue of how to run a business. Everybody on our team has real life experience and has seen this before,” added Nicola Stott, CEO of Bright Minds.


SOURCE Exigent

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