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The rapid development of technology especially in the use of online applications has shown the need for healthcare-related apps to help people get healthcare services faster and easier.

In this regard, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB), a leading insurance company has recently launched “Pulse”, an app with artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration between Prudential and UK’s Babylon Healthcare Services Limited, DoctorOnCall along with AIME allowed this application to be introduced for the first time in Malaysia. Pulse users will not only be able to monitor their health status, but also consult with a qualified doctor online and get medications delivered directly to their doorstep.

Pulse is a unique app as it functions based on individual needs. Chief Executive of Prudential Corporation Asia, Nic Nicandrou said, “This app is capable of helping users to prevent and protect themselves from diseases.” According to Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, Gan Leong Hin, “Malaysians spend 14 hours a day with their digital gadgets and 71% of health searches are done using mobile phones. 23% of downloaded apps from the internet are health-related. Therefore, Prudential devotes its efforts to provide Malaysians with valuable and easy-to-use services whenever and wherever they are.”

Pulse assesses the user’s health including lifestyle, mental health, internal organ health and future disease risk through questionnaires. This app provides information about their current health as well as to provide awareness on aspects that needs to be improved.

This app also incorporates the “Symptom Checker” function. Through a question and answer session, this app will provide users with possible diagnosis or cause of symptoms. Then, the user can choose to consult with a doctor for only RM1. The doctor will conclude a diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment and issue an electronic prescription if necessary.

Maran Virumandi, Co-Founder of DoctorOnCallexplained that “Online consultation through Pulse in collaboration with DoctorOnCall allow users to consult with qualified doctors that are registered with the Malaysian Medical Council. Additionally, they can also receive online prescriptions and medication”.

Pulse also provides information on dengue through the dengue alert function. The app is available in Bahasa and English and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

DoctorOnCall is one of the partners that collaborated with Prudential in realising the Pulse app. As an online clinic, DoctorOnCall offers consultation services with qualified doctors for medical conditions such as cough, cold, fever, skin problems and many more health conditions. This gives patients the opportunity to get health services from anywhere. After the consultation, if required, medications will be sent directly to the patient. Website visitors with health issues can also post questions on their forum page. For more information, visit www.DoctorOnCall.com.my or call 03-84082000.


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