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Mogo Finance Technology and Difference Capital Announce Completion of Business Combination and Formation of Mogo Inc.




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Mogo Finance Technology Inc. (TSX:MOGO) (NASDAQ: MOGO) (“Mogo“) and Difference Capital Financial Inc. (now “Mogo Inc.”) (TSX: DCF) (“Difference” or, following the Arrangement (as defined below), the “Combined Entity“) are pleased to announce the completion of Mogo’s previously announced arrangement (the “Arrangement“) under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia) (“BCBCA“), pursuant to which Mogo combined its business with the business of Difference. The Arrangement became effective at 12:01 a.m. (PST) on June 21, 2019 (the “Effective Time“).  Prior to the consummation of the Arrangement, Difference completed the Continuance (as defined below) and changed its name to “Mogo Inc.”.

“We are excited to finalize this transaction, which provides the company with additional resources to continue executing on our vision,” said David Feller, Mogo’s Founder and CEO. “Banking is changing, and the future will be dominated by a mobile-first app that makes it easy for consumers to be financially fit.  Our team is focused on building out new products and new features to ensure Mogo remains the leader in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

“The completion of the Arrangement will strengthen our financial position and represents a significant opportunity to build on our leadership in the Canadian fintech space and create value for shareholders of Mogo Inc.,” added Greg Feller, Mogo’s President and CFO. “The overwhelming support for this transaction from Difference shareholders underscores the long-term growth potential of Mogo.”

Under the Arrangement, Mogo was amalgamated with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Difference and each Mogo common share (a “Mogo Share“) outstanding immediately prior to the Arrangement, other than Mogo Shares held by Difference, was exchanged for one common share of the Combined Entity. Prior to the commencement of the Arrangement, Difference continued from a corporation existing under the Canada Business Corporations Act to a corporation existing under the BCBCA (the “Continuance“). On completion of the Arrangement, former Mogo shareholders own approximately 80% of the Combined Entity, on a fully diluted basis. In connection with the Arrangement, all of Mogo’s outstanding convertible securities became exercisable or convertible, as the case may be, for shares of the Combined Entity in accordance with the provisions thereof.

It is anticipated that the Mogo Shares will be delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX“) on or about the close of trading on June 24, 2019. Shares of the Combined Entity will begin trading on the TSX under the ticker symbol “MOGO” in place of the Difference common shares at the open of trading on June 25, 2019. In addition the Combined Entity will be treated as a successor in interest to Mogo and, as such, the Combined Entity will be listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market (“NASDAQ“) under the ticker symbol “MOGO”.  Shares of Mogo and Difference traded between June 21stand June 25th will automatically settle for shares of the Combined Entity.

Following the completion of the Arrangement, the board of directors of the Combined Entity was reconstituted and now consists of David Feller (Chairman and CEO), Gregory Feller (President and CFO), Michael WekerleMinhas Mohamed and Kees Van Winters.  The Combined Entity will continue to execute on Mogo’s vision of building the leading fintech platform in Canada. The Arrangement provides Mogo with immediate access to cash and Difference’s portfolio of investments which includes some of the premier private technology companies in Canada, which collectively had an estimated fair market value of approximately $24 million as of December 31, 2018.

Prior to the completion of the Arrangement, Mogo had convertible debentures listed on the TSX under the trading symbol “MOGO.DB” (the “Mogo Debentures“). In connection with the Arrangement, each Mogo Debenture was exchanged for a convertible debenture of the Combined Entity (each, a “New Debenture“). The New Debentures have equivalent terms as the Mogo Debentures for which they are exchanged and are convertible into common shares of the Combined Entity on a one to one basis.‎ It is anticipated that the Mogo Debentures will be ‎delisted from the TSX on or about the close of trading on June 24, 2019 and the New Debentures will commence trading under the same ticker symbol “MOGO.DB” at the open of trading on June 25, 2019.

It is anticipated that the Combined Entity will make the necessary applications to cause Mogo to cease to be a reporting issuer under the securities ‎legislation of each of the provinces and territories in Canada under which it is currently a reporting ‎issuer (or equivalent), as the combined business of Mogo and Difference is now operated by the Combined Entity.‎

Additional details regarding the Arrangement and the additional transactions completed thereunder are set forth in Mogo’s management information circular dated May 13, 2019, a copy of which is available under Mogo’s profile on SEDAR at and Difference’s management information circular dated May 13, 2019.


SOURCE Mogo Finance Technology Inc


Leading Decentralized Investment Banking Group – Coinstreet Partners, Awarded Asia Futurist Leadership Award

Vlad Poptamas



From left : Prof. Spencer Li - Independent Director of Coinstreet Partners, Ms. Eva Law - Founder and Chairman of the Association of Family Offices in Asia, Mr. Samson Lee - Founder and CEO of Coinstreet Partners, Mr. Chan Heng Fai - Chairman of Coinstreet Partners; at the Asia Futurist Leadership Award Gala.


The Asia Futurist Leadership Award in the category of High Flyer Award – Outstanding Deal Originator In Asia was awarded to Coinstreet Partners by the Association of Family Offices in Asia, the Association of Private Bankers in Greater China and the Women In Leadership Association at the Asia Futurist Leadership Summit, held in Hong Kong during International Financial Week.

Asia Futurist Leadership Awards (AFLA) recognize family offices, family enterprises, industry professionals, private banks, institutions, funds and new ventures around the world that are creating a positive environment, promoting sustainability and making social impact, ultimately contributing to the creation of a better world.

The Association of Family Offices in Asia, principal organizer of AFLA, is a professional society that distinctively connects single, multi and virtual family offices as well as the industry societies in the region. It currently has more than 9000 institutional associates and hundreds of single and multi-family office members, with investment net worth typically over USD50 million.

“Digital assets are one of the transformative forces shaping the new face of the financial service industry and the economy as a whole. We would like to see more prudent players and regulation to ensure this development heads in the right direction,” said Ms. Eva Law, Founder and Chairman of the Association of Family Offices in Asia. “We are very pleased to see Coinstreet Partners win this award and look forward to their continuous effort to make digital assets widely available, and bring value to investors and to economic development.”

“Congratulations to Coinstreet for winning the Asia Futurist Leadership High Flyer Award, it recognizes them as an outstanding deal originator in Asia, and their vision to crossover Finance, Media and Technology is an exciting future trend,.” said Ms. Mercedes Ho, Executive Director of Forbes Global Allianceand the presenter of the award.

Coinstreet is a leading decentralized investment banking group and consultancy firm in the F.M.T. (Finance, Media & Tech) field, providing a business eco-system for the new era of digital economy. Coinstreet focuses on five business segments: Token Finance Consultancy, Digital Asset & Wealth Management, PR Media & Investor Relations, Digital Asset Tokenization & Trading Platform, and Decentralized Finance & DLT Solutions.

“The Association of Family Offices in Asia is a highly respectable organization in traditional investment communities,” said Mr. Samson Lee, Founder and CEO of Coinstreet Partners. “We are very honored to be the recipient of the Asia Futurist Leadership Award. It represents a significant recognition of our efforts and vision of the convergence between the traditional financial eco-system and the digital assets system.”

According to a survey from the World Economic Forum, around 10% of global GDP will be tokenized and stored on Blockchain by 2027. Coinstreet serves clients with tokenization needs ranging from stablecoins, real estate, financial services, technology, biotech, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, hotel, hospitality, lifestyle, gaming, media and entertainment sectors. Significant growth in the number of high-quality STO projects and global expansion of investor communities is expected, as adaption of this new corporate finance model gains popularity globally.


SOURCE Coinstreet Partners

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Monerium and Algorand enter partnership to issue e-money on the Algorand protocol

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Monerium (, the world’s first authorized provider of licensed e-money for blockchains, and Algorand Inc. (, the world’s first open source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol, announce a non-exclusive partnership to support the Algorand protocol in 2020 with Monerium’s fully programmable and redeemable e-money.

Mainstream adoption of blockchains requires a reliable form of digital cash on-chain. Since receiving its e-money license in June 2019, Monerium has announced several B2B use cases for e-money, including a cross-border transaction in euros. Monerium now supports e-money across the EU, IcelandNorway and Liechtenstein in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and Icelandic krona.

Algorand recently benefited from a significant upgrade, Algorand 2.0, which includes a number of features that enable sophisticated exchanges such as account quarantine, whitelist models, flexible asset reserve models and more.

“We look forward to supporting the Algorand protocol. Algorand incorporates key features for many mainstream use-cases, including stateless smart contracts and scaleable proof-of-stake consensus. The Algorand leadership has taken a pragmatic and deliberate approach in designing a blockchain for mainstream applications while staying close to the ethos of the open source community” states Sveinn Valfells, co-founder and CEO of Monerium. “Supporting new blockchains with mainstream relevance is a priority for Monerium.”

“Monerium and Algorand have a shared vision for real-world use cases that are enabled by advanced blockchain technology,” said W. Sean Ford, COO of Algorand, Inc. “We are thrilled that Monerium will be bringing their solution for e-money to Algorand and we look forward to our community’s ability to leverage the technology for straightforward regulatory compliance.”


SOURCE Algorand Foundation

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Kadena Launches Public Chain with Smart Contract Transactions, Completing Industry’s First Hybrid Blockchain

Vlad Poptamas




Kadena, the first blockchain technology company to come out of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center for Excellence, has announced the full launch of its public blockchain. Kadena’s public blockchain is first to market as a sharded Proof of Work Layer 1 network. Following the start of genesis mining in October 2019, Kadena has surpassed having two million blocks mined at hash rates as high as 40 TH/S. Today’s launch includes full transactions and the ability to write smart contracts. The latest functionalities of the network complete Kadena’s hybrid blockchain platform. Kadena is already delivering interoperability, scalability, and security across industries including financehealthcare, and insurance.

The hybrid blockchain supports interoperability using Pact, Kadena’s open-source, Turing-incomplete smart contract language with Formal Verification. The simple smart contract language is powerful enough to code complex contracts and execute multi-party transactions. Enterprises and developers alike will find that applications once considered too difficult to build are now achievable with Kadena. Removing the complexity and vulnerability of other smart contract languages, Pact advances secure and legible transactions.

“Despite blockchain having immense potential, our experience building JP Morgan’s first blockchain showed us its limitations,” said Founder and President Stuart Popejoy. “Launching a fully functional hybrid blockchain which seamlessly integrates a public chain with a private network is a significant step forward in reimagining what applications can do on-chain.”

Kadena’s public blockchain functions through a braided, parallelized Proof of Work consensus mechanism, the only protocol that has been validated in the market. The architecture enhances throughput and scalability while preserving the reliability of Bitcoin. Kadena Kuro, the platform’s next-generation private blockchain, overcomes the challenges of security, scalability, and speed found in existing blockchains such as Ethereum.

“We’ve solved the scaling challenges of Bitcoin with parallel Proof of Work chains while addressing the security issues of Ethereum with Pact,” said Founder and CEO Will Martino. “Today’s launch of our public blockchain with smart contract transactions, which completes our hybrid platform, advances mainstream adoption. We’re excited to see how Kadena’s blockchain will empower entrepreneurs and enterprises to bring in Economics 2.0.”

The launch comes after Kadena completed a year full of milestones in 2019, including the news that next-generation blockchain networks such as Cosmos and Polkadot are looking to implement the Pact smart contract language. Businesses exploring deployment of applications on blockchain were able to utilize the speed and security of Kadena Kuro when it got listed on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace with free community editions.



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