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The leading decentralized intelligence solution provider Jarvis+ announces that its Jarvis+ token (JAR) will be listed on the digital asset exchange platform KuCoin at 10PM SGT on June 20, 2019. Supported trading pairs include JAR/BTC, JAR/USDT.

Also known as JarvisPlus, Jarvis+ is the World’s 1st Smart Contract based AI Conversation as Service Platform and a leading Decentralized Intelligence Solution World that empowers everyone and every organization to embrace the era of ‘Community Ecosystem and Smart Economy’, which is being reshaped by the new technologies of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Jarvis+ has two platforms, the Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) and the Decentralized Marketplace Platform (DMP), representing the two stages of Jarvis+ development respectively. ICP as the first stage is a platform of tools and services for blockchain and community, and DMP as the second stage is a decentralized platform for community data and economy and evolved from the first stage.

Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) is infused by three AI capabilities that are Conversational AI, Insightful AI and Cognitive AI, and builds a set of smart services with proven methodologies to start, develop and grow the community economy, which is a brand-new organization ecology in the digital world.

ICP provides

  • ‘Smart Assistant’ as the UI for interacting with online community users through most of the popular online messaging channels, like Telegram, WeChat, Skype, etc.
  • ‘Smart Advisor’ to understand what the top topics are being discussed and who are the KOLs, and then inspire the online community with the thoughtful impaction
  • ‘Smart Operator’ to manage and response to all requirements from online community users, and run various programs to increase the activation and satisfaction for the community ecology

Public blockchain teams, e.g. NEO and TrueChain, have been deploying Jarvis+ ICP to improve engagements with their community members and token holders.

As the community base who are using and loving ICP is growing, the data generation from the community is continuously accelerating. The common consensus is that the data is the powerful fuel for the development of Smart Economy, and the creators of the data ought to benefit from the data they generated, which is also being used by others.

To achieve this democratized well-being, Decentralized Marketplace Platform (DMP) is infused by blockchain technology and developed to make the freedom, willing and opening transaction for data across all used popular channels.

DMP provides

  • ‘Opening Market’ where not only the consumers and providers can exchange the original value of data, but also the investors and partners also can offer various services to enrich the add-values of data
  • ‘Knowledge as Assets’ supporting to digitalize several type of knowledge, such as data, model, algorithm, etc., and make them to become a kind of transactional assets empowering the applications in the Smart Economy
  • ‘Freedom Monetization’ providing a helpful way to monetize the assets, a safe mechanism to protect the incredible value of knowledge in a trustless manner, and a place to maximize the consensus for ‘data economy’

After the final general availability of both ICP and DMP, ‘Jarvis+ Twins’ will be formed to bridge the real community economy and digital smart economy, to connect the real creators of data to the whole virtual ecosystem, and to monetize the value of data between consumers and providers.

Since the project started, Jarvis+ has been recognized by various ecosystem partners, including public blockchain providers, dApp developers, exchange providers, even service providers and local governments.

On June 1, 2019, Jarvis+ successfully organized the Sanya AI and Sci-Tech Innovation Forum with over 150 attendees, and invited experts from Microsoft, Nvidia, Tencent, SenseTime, DFKI and others to share the latest insight on the future of AI.As one of the leading AI start-ups, Jarvis+ also announced the first NLP short-text analytic campaign to enable NLP wave, where NLP sector is recognized as the next wave after matured vision sector.

SOURCE Jarvis+

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