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Cuentas, Inc. (CUENTAS) (OTCQB: CUEN), a Financial Technology (FinTech) service provider that delivers mobile banking, online banking, prepaid debit and digital content services to unbanked, underbanked and underserved communities, announced today that it now offers prepay services for Amazon through Amazon Cash in addition to Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox Live and Nexon Karma at its 31,600+ locations in the USA.

SDI Next Distribution (“SDI Next”) is owned 51% by Cuentas, Inc. and has now integrated its system to offer Amazon Cash as well as other prepaid products including, but not limited to Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nexon Karmadigital content through the SDI Next distribution network of over 31,600 “bodega” retailers. Bodegas are typically single owner markets, gas stations and local stores that serve many immigrant and urban neighborhoods. These services and products are available through the SDI Next intranet portal that is available in these bodegas.

Cuentas is preparing to launch 15 additional major prepaid digital content brands in the near future and the Cuentas General Purpose Reload (GPR) Debit card during 2019.

Amazon announced Amazon Cash in April 2017 as a new service that would enable customers without debit or credit cards to shop with cash on Amazon without fees, such as those prevalent with prepaid cash cards. To use Amazon Cash, customers visit a participating retailer and use their dedicated barcode to add funds to their Amazon Balance without having to buy an Amazon Gift Card or prepaid debit card. They can add $5$500 in each transaction, and funds are available for use immediately.

Microsoft Xbox Live and Playstation online services have been available for many years and Nexon Karma Koin has enabled online gaming for years.

“Being able to provide Amazon Cash, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nexon Karma digital content through retailers that previously had limited or no access to this type of product is so very important to Cuentas,” stated Arik Maimon, CEO of Cuentas, Inc. “We are enthusiastic about working to sell these products at our 31,600 plus locations. These products should provide extra revenue for the retail distribution stores and should increase visits to these bodegas,” added Maimon.

“Providing top-level prepaid products such as Amazon Cash, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nexon Karma should be instrumental to help Cuentas grow,” said Michael De Prado, President & COO of Cuentas. “This is an exciting time in the development of Cuentas as years of hard work are coming to fruition,” added De Prado.


SOURCE Cuentas, Inc.

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