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Shimao Star Hotels Group (hereafter referred to as “Shimao Star”) launched its all- new hotel brand – ETHOS (the Chinese name “Fan Xiang“) in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Pudong, Shanghai. The brand responses to Chinese millennials’ sense of identity as a generation which sees themselves as born to be proud and strive to redefine Chinese heritage through offering a blend of contemporary culture and Chinese legacy in ETHOS hotel.

At the press conference, Tyrone Tang, Vice President of Shimao Group, Chairman & CEO of Shanghai Shimao Hotel Management Company, CEO of Shimao Star Hotels Group said: “As the primary force driving consumption in the Chinese tourism market, the millennial generation has always been an important customer segment. The launch of the all-new brand ETHOS marks the first hotel brand that Starwood Capital co-created with a Chinese company and designed for a Chinese population. Drawing upon the extensive expertise from both parties in hotel development, brand operation and asset management, we will bring a vibrant lifestyle experience to China’s millennials.”

Pride of New China

The English name ETHOS is derived from Greek, and here refers to the unique disposition of Chinese millennials and their sense of national pride, as well as their refusal to settle for the status quo. As an upper-mid tier lifestyle brand tailored for China’s millennial travellers, the new China pride is evident throughout the design and construction of ETHOS hotels. Also, in cooperation with independent Chinese brands, ETHOS Hotel develops customized products that better suit the lifestyle and inclinations of Chinese millennial travellers.

The Joy of The Social Nomad

The ETHOS hotel creates a work space with detail-oriented human touches to draw guests together and trigger moments of inspiration during social contact. The co-working space at ETHOS Hotel, branded as “Connexis”, is a creative and vibrant community, in which social activities will be regularly organized . ETHOS firmly believes that the neighbourhood culture is the heart and soul of a city, so that the hotel offers glimpse of city in miniature for guests to experience local culture, arts and food in hotel’s social lobby, “The Common Room”. Through the “AI Interactive Community Screen” developed by ETHOS together with the artificial intelligence company SenseTime, guests can explore the local community, interact socially, and share moments with others. In addition to an enthusiastic ETHOS service team, this blended service system allows guests to experience self-service from booking, check-in to departure that enables each and every visitor can enjoy unparalleled VIP treatment.

Escape the Ordinary with Bespoke Experience

ETHOS has gone to great lengths to ensure that every detail of the hotel speaks to millennials in China. From the moment guests arrive at ETHOS, they find themselves on a journey immersed with Chinese heritage redefined. ETHOs has joined hands with emerging Chinese artists, from flowing music to custom-made statues, photography exhibitions and art installations to inspire guests with the characteristics of local culture. In sight of millennials’ pursuit of originality and self-expression, ETHOS particularly promotes personalized services from choices to upgrade independent brand amenities to distinctive local alternative dinning experiences. ETHOS also fully appreciates that China’s convention-defying millennials by offering its wide range of membership benefits with screened partners who shares the same brand philosophy.

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