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Portability, austere conditions and bandwidth limitations are amongst the many hurdles in bringing advanced technology to the tactical edge while still leaving our forward troops with limited information at best. To solve these complex issues, Zapata AI announces our Artificial Neural-Intelligence Modular Analytics System (ANIMAS) (Patent Pending).

ANIMAS greatly enhances an operator’s ability to gain, build, and maintain active analytics at the most forward locations by providing an intuitive, scalable, and defined microservice ecosystem, that, for the first time, equips operators with the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) at the tactical edge.

This initial offering is a combined solution of the ANIMAS ecosystem and a ruggedized handheld device with a robust capability to perform in a disconnected, interrupted, and low bandwidth environment. Our disruptive approach to edge computing is enabled via customer-defined combinations of microservices to support discreet and multi-domain missions which until now, could only be done via laptop not at the edge.

Zapata AI, a Veteran-Owned small business headquartered in Augusta, GA was created to provide innovative solutions to the Government and US Military using augmented intelligence and machine learning. This team of prior service subject matter experts are teamed with Zapata Technology which has supported the IC and MI organizations since 2007.


SOURCE Zapata Technology

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