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This past week, at the 7th Annual International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) in New Orleans, a group of artificial intelligence (AI) researchers and legal professionals presented the collaboratively authored paper titled: ‘Towards Standardization of Data Licenses: The Montreal Data License. The group also unveiled an easy-to-use online Data Licensing Tool, created to foster transparency and clarity in the use of datasets for machine learning applications.

The ‘Montreal Data License‘ paper was conceived to bring legal clarity to individuals and companies that make data available to third parties for use-cases in the field of AI. AI depends on data that is either created or licensed—the paper shows that legal ambiguity regarding how data can be used is prevalent in AI. This ambiguity leads to an under-use of available data by the more scrupulous companies, and therefore hinders their ability to more quickly launch AI applications.

The License Generator simplifies the normally complex process of developing a legal license into an easy-to-use question-and-answer process that allows users to clearly and easily transform their intent into actionable legal text. The tool allows the intent of those who make data available to be more effectively respected and understood by those who wish to make use of the data. Additionally, the tool aims to standardize the language used to make data available.

This first iteration of the ‘Montreal Data License‘ is an invitation to the global AI research community and the legal community to contribute to the Montreal Data License, improve it, and in turn, adopt it to drive the adoption of this framework and see it become a new standard.

To learn more about the ‘Montreal Data License‘ paper and how the License Generator Tool works in a real-world-scenario, read the Element AI Blog, ‘Making Sense of Data Licenses‘.

The License Generator tool is found here.

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