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Council for Healthcare and Pharma (CHP) supports concerted joint action 

The Council for Healthcare and Pharma hailed its just concluded Legislative day at Capitol Hill D.C. as engaging and successful. The forum received overwhelming support and consensus for greater traction between India and the USA to fully utilise mutual synergies and complementarities in the Pharma & Health space for the cause of Universal Healthcare.

The ‘Legislative Day’ had attendance of over 20 eminent US Congress leaders, representatives from Industry & Trade, Medical Fraternity and Board of Management AAPI, supporting the need for greater affordability, accessibility and accountability in keeping populations healthy.

Dr. Gurpreet Sandhu, President, CHP, said, “For Universal Healthcare to become a reality, we must pull out all the stops to optimise the sourcing and delivery of each element of the health value chain. This calls for extensive deployment of the best-known bases and practices around the world for high quality medicines, technologies and skill sets. The logic, natural synergies and complementarities between India and the US in healthcare are compelling and the potential to realise accelerated gains from bringing these together is enormous and immediate.”

A strong proponent of Affordable Medicare, Congressman Steny Hoyer emphasized the need for Government to work for improving healthcare access and affordability and to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable health coverage. Further, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who is a champion for Universal Healthcare expressed her commitment towards working proactively for the same.

Senator Roger F Wicker was of the view that one of the biggest concerns facing the US in the arena of Health is the lack of affordable health insurance coverage. Expressing his support to the cause of Women’s Healthcare, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi was categorical that America succeeds when women succeed in their quest for affordable healthcare. He also expressed his commitment towards accessible and affordable medicines to achieve the goal of ‘Health for All’.

Congressman Frank Pallone who serves as the Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee was of the opinion that all Americans should have access to high quality affordable healthcare. He assured the gathering that he is committed to work steadfastly to protect the integrity of Medicare and Medicaid programs.

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin applauded the Council and its members in its committed support towards the TB elimination programme in India. Furthering their collaboration, the two organisations have entered into a joint dialogue to offer affordable Oncology Medicines for women, especially for cancers of the Breast and Cervix.

The Indian Ambassador to USA, H.E. Harsh Vardhan Shringla, hailed the contribution of the Indian Generics industry in its drive towards affordable care. He also applauded the role of the AAPI community in the US Healthcare system.

The opportunity to lower cost clearly lies in emphasizing a high quality Generic Formulary, realizing supply chain efficiencies, complementing R&D strengths to amplify drug development efforts, locating manufacturing where advantageous, leveraging new technologies such as Robotics, AI and Blockchain for greater efficiencies, better health surveillance, early detection of disease, improved treatment protocols, enhanced patient experience with significantly better outcomes.

These opportunities can be developed where best feasible through a Make in USA or Make in India initiative.

India has critical mass in providing affordable, high quality generic medicines to the USA and the world. Indiaadditionally has strengths in IT and a vibrant start-up environment for frugal innovation with interesting health applications being developed that have the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency and outcomes in delivering healthcare.

On the other hand, American firms can outsource significant parts of their R&D efforts with considerable savings in new drug discovery as well as to amplify their shortlist of drug candidates for further research and development. These drugs in turn can be marketed not only in the US but also in India and other populous countries.

In addition, there are medical challenges of significant proportions like AMR which continue to deplete our arsenal of antibiotics by rendering them ineffective on account of overuse and misuse. The US has done a lot of work in alleviating this global problem and both countries can collaborate to mount a sizable program to mitigate this menacing challenge and such others.

The Council for Healthcare and Pharma (CHP) is an integrated, not-for-profit, Global think tank that advocates the development of sustainable health systems around the World. It looks at engaging with Governments and other stakeholders to adopt rational approaches that capture benefits, that accrue through the optimization of the eco-system and value chain involved in treating diseases and keeping people healthy. CHP members include domestic and global Pharmaceutical companies, Providers of Diagnostics, Medical device Manufacturers, Hospitals and adjunct services.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the Council focuses on AfricaBrazilChinaFranceGermanyIndiaJapan, UK and the USA. Its important areas of work are in ease-of-doing business; increasing competitiveness; broadening access to safe, efficacious and affordable healthcare services and medicines. CHP is guided in its work by expert advisory committee’s in Intellectual Property; Market Access; Regulatory Policy; Key Therapeutics – Women’s Health, Oncology & Tropical Diseases; Research & Development (R&D); Artificial Intelligence (AI); Environment; Healthcare start-up’s.

As a significant and credible stakeholder in alleviating the burden of disease, the CHP brings to bear the collective wisdom of industry and policy makers on health issues that stand to make a positive contribution to society in bringing about Universal healthcare.


SOURCE The Council for Healthcare and Pharma

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