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Aluf Holdings has named a new Board of Directors to guide the company into its next generation of development, articulated a core concentration on biometrics and blockchain technologies, and identified an initial market focus in aviation, health care and government. The company has also completed their preclosing process for finalizing its major acquisition in the Biometric space.

“Biometrics is disruptive, transformative, and revolutionary,” says Ben Zandi, incoming Vice Chairman of Aluf’s new Board of Directors. “When you combine the power and portability of these ultra-identification technologies with zero knowledge storage, encryption, privacy, security and trust available through blockchain, you have a solution that is game-changing. We’re going to be the ones that bring that to market.”

The new Aluf Board features highly-accomplished visionaries who bring with them extensive experience in technology development and growth to guide acquisitions, reshape infrastructure, and propel them into the future.

“Our Board represents the top of the food chain in aviation, private equity, communications, artificial intelligence, biometrics and blockchain technologies,” says Donald Bennett, Chairman of the Board. “We are now in a strong position, backed by deep experience, to leverage our expertise for optimum shareholder value.”

“We are proud and excited to have these accomplished and dedicated individuals as members of our Board of Directors,” says Teresa McWilliams, Interim CEO. “In addition to their contributions to our technology success we can finally begin the launch of other long-term investor relations goals such as up-listing from Pinksheet to NASDAQ or better and completing a Registration Statement.”

In addition to Mr. Bennett and Mr. Zandi, President and CEO of Fraport USA, the Aluf Board includes Teresa McWilliams, Interim President and CEO and Chief Financial Officer of Aluf, and Directors Philip Elias, President, CEO of Elias-Savion Advertising and VELOCITY World Media; Dany Bouchedid, Founder and CEO of COLOTRAQ; Lisa Marks-Canty, CEO, ChainNinja; Andrew Moore, CEO of CogxVision; Sanjay Chopra, co-Founder and CEO of Cognistx; Blaine Frederick, Co-Founder and Principal of BDIS; Benjamin Richter, Founder and CEO of Bradford Airport Logistics and Bradford Swissport Logistics; and Gary Morse, Founder, President and Chief Cybersecurity Consultant for Razorpoint Security Technologies, Inc.


SOURCE Aluf Holdings, Inc.

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