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Peroxfarma, a leading European health and wellness company, is introducing an all-natural cough syrup to the American consumer this year.

Epaplus Immuncare is a 100 percent natural cough syrup that soothes the throat and strengthens the immune system. Its ingredients include vitamins C, B2, B3, honey, and plant extracts that have been used to strengthen the immune system.

“We developed Immuncare based on scientific research to give people an all-natural alternative to treat coughs,” said Joan Xiol Foret, the CEO of Peroxfarma, which is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. “Our research and development team combined highly concentrated pure Vitamin C and Vitamins B2/B3 to strengthen the immune system along with honey and plant extracts, which helps soften the mucus.

“This all-natural combination has shown that it can help ease the symptoms of a cough,” Xiol added.

Epaplus Immuncare includes the following plant extracts:

  • Acerola, which is a fruit with a high concentration of vitamin C
  • Plantain, which has a soothing effect on the throat, pharynx and vocal cords
  • Grindelia, which is rich in flavonoids, essential oils, and tannins, helps the respiratory tract and acts a throat demulcent
  • Drosera, which helps maintain respiratory and bronchial tract health.

In addition, Immuncare uses blossom honey, which for centuries has been used for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, to help prevent respiratory tract infections.

Peroxfarma also plans to introduce its Epaplus product line, which primarily helps people with arthritis, coughs, sleep disorders and gastric problems, to the American consumer in 2019. In addition to Immuncare, Peroxfarma’s nutritional supplements include Epaplus Arthicare, Epaplus Sleepcare, Epaplus Skincare, Epaplus Vigorcare, Epaplus Digestcare, and Epaplus Vitalcare.

“We are dedicated to improving everyone’s health and well-being. That is what makes us unique,” Xiol said. “We develop products that people need to improve their quality of life. As we like to say at Peroxfarma, our mission is to bring ‘an extra dose of health to people’.”


SOURCE: Peroxfarma

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