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The trusted digital marketing agency, Ebiz Promotion, is undergoing a re-branding process and will now be known as ‘ClickJump’.

In the weeks ahead, the re-branding to ClickJump will take effect across all channels, including the company’s website and all social media platforms. Crucially, after the re-brand, the business will continue to offer bespoke digital marketing solutions for a wide variety of businesses.

A Unique Approach

Our expert team possesses more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the field of digital marketing and has developed an extensive client base working with prominent industry leaders.

We adopt a dynamic, flexible and ethical approach, working closely with our clients and offering tailor-made digital marketing solutions to improve the quality of their online presence.

Being able to adapt to change, test ideas and implement the most relevant strategies is at the forefront of what we do, while we prioritise putting the needs and objectives of our clients first. We make a point of getting to know the businesses we work with inside out, so that we can offer them bespoke solutions, which genuinely meet their requirements,” says Christelle Macri, Founder of ClickJump.

The range of services ClickJump offer includes search engine optimisation (SEO), search advertising, social media marketing and content marketing. Through all of these services, the agency brings fresh thinking to its clients’ digital strategies, helping them to improve visibility and generate superior online results.

Meanwhile, when it comes to our own people, we are firm advocates of flexible working, as we believe in achieving a better work/life balance, which can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced digital industry. We also prioritise career development through continuous training and the provision of real opportunities to progress. These principles are at the very core of our approach to employment and staff happiness.

Re-Branding to ‘ClickJump’

The process of re-branding Ebiz Promotion to ‘ClickJump’ is intended to help the company to more succinctly convey our approach to digital marketing and SEO, as well as our core brand values.

Over the past 20 years, we have forged a dynamic and agile take on digital marketing strategy, work practices and employment,” says Christelle Macri, founder of ClickJump. “We believe this re-branding will help us to continue to grow our business, and to communicate our unique, modern approach to the work we do.


SOURCE ClickJump

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